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  • Thumbnail Image for Chlorine Test Paper Strips


    Strips chemically treated with starch and cadmium iodide measure total chlorine to determine the strength of sanitizers in cleaning solutions. Furnished in plastic vial of 200 1/4” x 3 1/2” strips, with color comparison chart, which has three standards 50, 100 and 200 ppm

  • Thumbnail Image for Sensafe® Chlorine Test Strips

    Industrial Test Systems

    Sensitive, safe to use - SenSafe No reagent preparation time Easy to do, quick results These test strips are an excellent alternative to wet chemical chlorine tests. The unique indicator (TMB) is reactive only to free chlorine; therefore, no interference from monochloramines occurs. Accurate,...

  • Thumbnail Image for Chlorine Free Micro Test Strips

    HF Scientific

    The Micro Check Test Strips are an accurate, inexpensive and safe alternative for reagent chlorine testing. Quick, accurate and easy to use results are achieved in under 1 minute.  Free Chlorine with sensitivity as low as 0.05ppm (mg/L). Micro Check free, detection levels ppm (0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.4,...

  • Thumbnail Image for Waterworks Test Strips

    Industrial Test Systems

    Dip and read No mixing sample and reagent Economical, quick results Patented tests are quick alternatives for food or environmental testing. Supplied in bottles of 50 loose strips or packages of individually wrapped strips Tests for lead and other heavy metals

  • Thumbnail Image for Low Range Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips


    The Insta-Test Low Range Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips is a convenient way to quickly measure peroxide levels in water with fast dip and read results. Range and sensitivity is 0, 1, 3, 10, 30, 50 ppm.   Applications: Drinking Water, Industrial Water Boiling and Cooling, Laundry and Sanitation,...

  • Thumbnail Image for Nitrate and Nitrite Test Strips


    Nitrogen, Nitrate/Nitrite: Excessive amounts of nitrate or nitrite in water can cause infant death, adult illness, and produce spontaneous abortion in cows. Some wells contain high levels of nitrate. When water contains high nitrate levels, nitrites often are present in low concentration. Fast,...

  • Thumbnail Image for Water Test Strips


    Insta-Test® strips are available to perform checks for water quality factors. Test strips are a quick way to monitor water without having to use reagents.

  • Thumbnail Image for AquaChek® Free Chlorine Test Strips


    Hach test strips are manufactured with a unique reagent pad at the tip, using proven chemistries based on standard reference methods. Just dip the strip, wait until color development occurs, and compare the color of the reacted pad to the chart printed on the bottle.

  • Placeholder Image for Potassium Iodide Starch Test Paper


    Vial of 100 test strips

  • Thumbnail Image for Test Strip Kits

    Multi parameter test kits for broader testing capabilities. Each kit contains strips for 2 tests per parameter.

  • Thumbnail Image for Single Roll Hydrion Quat Check Test Paper Dispesnser, 0-1000ppm

    Micro Essential

    Single Roll Hydrion Quat Check Test Paper provides a simple, reliable, and economical means to measure the concentration of Quaternary Sanitizers, specifically Alkyldimethylbenzyl ammonium compounds, Rocall II, and Hyamine 3500. The Color matches within the Hi Range cocentration at...

  • Thumbnail Image for QAC Dual Range Test Strips


    The New Dual Range QAC Test Strip takes care of ALL of your testing needs on ONE STRIP! Whether checking the concentration of your QAC solution or checking to ensure complete removal from treated surfaces, the new Dual Range QAC Test Strip DOES IT ALL! Chemically-treated test strips change color to...

  • Thumbnail Image for Reflectoquant® Sucrose (Saccharose) Test


    The test can be used for determination of sucrose in beverages, e. g. fruit/vegetable juice and refreshment drinks after appropriate sample pretreatment or dilution. Method: reflectometric with test strips and reagent 0.25 - 2.50 g/l

  • Thumbnail Image for Insta-TEST® Total Chlorine, pH, Total Hardness & Iron Test Strip Kit


    The Insta-Test Total Chlorine/pH/Hardness and Iron test kit combines the best of both worlds. The kit includes 25 quick, easy and accurate tests using a simple dip-and-read formulation. The strips are packaged in a unique hinged, waterproof PopTop bottle with a desiccant liner that protects the test...

  • Thumbnail Image for AquaChek™ Dip-and-Read Water Quality Test Strips


    Simply dip into a sample or hold under a liquid stream; for most products, in one minute or less, results are available to compare with the color chart included on the bottle's label.

  • Thumbnail Image for Ammonia (Nitrogen) Test Strips, 0-6.0 mg/L


    About Nitrogen, Ammonia A product of microbiological decay of plant and animal protein. Its presence in raw surface waters usually indicates domestic or agricultural pollution. Above certain levels, it is toxic to fish. Fast, reliable, and safe test strips from Hach: Hach Test Strips are easy to use...

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