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  • Thumbnail Image for Cellulose plates (TLC and HPTLC)

    For analysis of polar substances The organic sorbent cellulose is particularly suitable for the separation of hydrophilic substances by partition chromatography. EMD Millipore cellulose plates include classical TLC grade or HPTLC plates for demanding high-performance separations: TLC cellulose...

  • Thumbnail Image for UV lamp 254 nm


    For Thin Layer Chromatography

  • Thumbnail Image for TLC Developing Tank

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Constructed of sturdy molded glass bricks Withstands regular use for many years The tank’s clear sides allow for visual inspection of TLC plates up to 20 x 20 cm size. The top of the tank is ground flat to match the lids and the edges are beveled to remove any sharp edges. The bottoms are...

  • Thumbnail Image for TLC Reagent Sprayers

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Provides a uniform spray mist of visualization reagents for both thin layer and paper chromatography Borosilicate glass Handles all standard TLC spray reagents and most corrosive liquids Creates consistent spray patterns that are free of damaging droplets The connection between the sprayer head and...

  • Thumbnail Image for Reversed Phase Octadecyl Silanized Silica Gel UNIPLATES

    These reversed phase TLC plates have been manufactured to be greater than 50% and less than 100% silanized. Because of this they are hydrophobic, but wettable. Features: 14% carbon content Acid stable (UV254) fluorescent indicator Glass backing 250um coating thickness 25 plates/box Recomended...

  • Thumbnail Image for Silica Gel GF UNIPLATES

    Miles Scientific (Analtech)

    Silica Gel G & GF UNIPLATES are the most widely used silica gel TLC plates. No organic substances are added to these products, thus making them compatible with sulfuric acid charring visualization. These plates are commonly scraped from the glass backing to isolate separated components for other...

  • Thumbnail Image for Rectangular Developing Tank

    General Glass Blowing

    Beveled inside and outside to remove any sharp edges Raised ridge midway on the inside ends and bottom for developing two 20 x 20 cm plates or the equivalent Inside dimensions: 27 x 7 x 26 cm Supplied with flat glass lid, 30 x 10 x 3 cm Molded glass block of clear glass with flat surface walls,...

  • Thumbnail Image for Silica Gel HL UNIPLATES

    Miles Scientific (Analtech)

    These are the most rugged silica gel plates available. They not only ease handling and sample application, but also permit the use of up to 80% water in the developing solvent without loss of adherence of the adsorbent layer to the glass plate. Organic binder plates are recommended for all TLC...

  • Thumbnail Image for 10 cm Latch-Lid Chromatotank

    General Glass Blowing

    Requires less solvent to maintain equilibrium Gives excellent retention of solvent saturated chamber Holds two 10 x 10 cm plates The smaller cubic inch chamber allows for a faster and more uniform solvent-saturated atmosphere. Single molded tank has a flat ground top, beveled for safety on the inner...

  • Thumbnail Image for Chromatography TLC Sprayers

    Wilmad-LabGlass - SP Scienceware

    When using thin layer or paper chromatography (TLC), these borosilicate glass atomizers are used for spraying chromogenic reagents. Complete unit consists of spray head, flask, and LG-1004 clamp. The air inlet tube has an opening to release pressure and stop spraying. All joints are Standard Taper...

  • Thumbnail Image for Silica Gel F TLC Plates

    Miles Scientific (Analtech)

    Analtech’s flexible backed TLC plates offer the same exacting specifications as with the classic glass backed plates assuring batch-to-batch uniformity. Quality is controlled at each step in the manufacturing process — from incoming raw materials to outgoing packaging. Lighter and safer...

  • Thumbnail Image for Thomas Glass Sprayer

    Provides uniformly fine mist or spray, required for paper chromatographic determination Conveniently located vent permits instantaneous control of spray Borosilicate glass tube has permanently attached, molded phenolic screw cap (size No. 24) with polyvinyl liner which fits commercial narrow mouth...

  • Thumbnail Image for Generic Bar Coded Polystyrene Microplates

    Corning now offers a line of generic bar coded plates to better meet the demands of your screening needs. Labels applied to all 4 sides of the microplate to ensure usability regardless of scanner location Each microplate is specially treated to reduce the impact of static build-up...

  • Thumbnail Image for Sigma-Aldrich® TLC Plates silica gel matrix, L × W 20 cm × 20 cm

    Thin-layer chromatography (TLC) plates for adsorption, partition, and ion-exchange techniques. Six media choices with glass, polyester, and aluminum backings. Silica-based adsorbent layers in Sigma-Aldrich TLC plates incorporate a polymeric binder; highly purified silica gel plates incorporate a...

  • Thumbnail Image for TLC Silica gel 60G F254 25 Glassplates 20x20cm

    TLC Silica gel 60G F254 25 Glassplates 20x20cm, 2525 Plates

  • Thumbnail Image for 10 cm Developing Tank

    General Glass Blowing

    Flat ground top is beveled on the inner and outer rim Ground flat bottom for stability Holds two 10 x 10 cm plates or four 5 x 10 cm plates Thin-Line units allow for faster and more uniform solvent saturated atmosphere and therefore require less solvent. Inside dimensions: 12 x 6.4 x 11.5 cm.

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