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  • Thumbnail Image for LC Stainless Steel Capillary Tubing

    Whether you need to replace system tubing as part of your troubleshooting or want to reduce the dwell volume of your system as you move to narrower columns, Restek has the quality tubing in the lengths and IDs you need. Each ID is color coded, so it is easy to identify and replace correctly. Tubing...

  • Thumbnail Image for Clean-Cut Tubing Cutter

    Burr-free, perpendicular cuts that will not distort the tubing OD or close the ID Use on PEEK, PTFE, Tefzel, and other polymeric tubing

  • Thumbnail Image for Capillary Stainless Steel Tubing Assemblies for Agilent HPLC Systems

    Precut, micropolished tubing and preseated fittings for quick, easy maintenance of your Agilent HPLC systems Meet or exceed manufacturer's performance.

  • Placeholder Image for Glove Box Dispensers

    Fit most glove boxes; allow quick access* Include holes on back plate for permanent mounting (hardware not included) *Please note: Accessories and supplies in photograph are not included.

  • Thumbnail Image for Trident LC Column Protection System

    Redesigned to be more rugged and easier to use! Match your needs with three levels of protection: filter only, cartridge only, or filter and cartridge Durable metal tip with replaceable PEEK ferrule means easy installation onto column without tools Improved thread design and materials create an...

  • Thumbnail Image for Hub-Cap 4-Liter Bottle Tops

    Hub-Cap bottle tops are a great way to neatly keep your mobile phase lines where they belong. Use them instead of plastic paraffin film, aluminum foil, or tape on your mobile phase reservoirs.

  • Thumbnail Image for 1/4" HPLC Frits

    We manufacture our frits from fine, chromatographic-grade 316 stainless steel, and we offer sizes to fit most column and pore sizes. To choose the correct frit, check its pore size compatibility with the particle size of the packing in the column. If the packing has a smaller particle size than the...

  • Thumbnail Image for Waste Overflow Indicator for LC Systems

    The Restek waste overflow indicator will help keep your mobile phase waste where it belongs—in the waste container! Compact, battery-operated unit fits securely on solvent bottles and accommodates two waste streams. An audible alarm is given as the solvent waste container approaches capacity,...

  • Thumbnail Image for Bluestem Glass Solvent Filter

    Prevent the particulates and microbial growth in your LC solvents from entering your instrument with the new Restek Bluestem glass solvent filter. Restek Bluestem glass solvent filter provides clean mobile phase to extend the life of columns and pump seals 15 µm borosilicate glass frit sits...

  • Thumbnail Image for Solvent Inlet Filter for Agilent HPLC Systems

    Solvent Inlet Filter, SS for Agilent 1050/1090/1100/1200

  • Thumbnail Image for QuickSplit Post-Column Flow Splitters

    Fluid resistor technology eliminates adjustments to capillary tubing for optimizing split ratio. Wide range of interchangeable resistors available. Fixed Flow Splitters for HPLC & LC-MS Split ratio not affected by changes in viscosity or pressure High operating pressure limit: 10,000 psi (68,948...

  • Thumbnail Image for Universal 10-32 PEEK Column Connectors and Plugs

    Universal PEEK connectors allow easy installation of all 1/16" tubing, including stainless steel, up to 5,000 psi.

  • Thumbnail Image for Sidewinder LC Column Heater

    Easy to set up! Operation range: 5 °C above ambient to 85°C, ±1°C Lightweight, compact design fits in small spaces Column holder can be placed in any orientation This unique design completely encloses any LC analytical column up to 25 cm in length. Two lengths of heater jackets...

  • Thumbnail Image for Suction Filter for Shimadzu HPLC Systems

    Suction Filter, SS for Shimadzu LC-10ADvp, 10ATvp, 20AD/AB, 2010A/C HT

  • Thumbnail Image for HPLC PEEK Performance Kit

    This HPLC PEEK Performance Kit is a useful complement to your HPLC system. Includes: Hub-Cap Adapter w/ Cap (1) Tubing Clips (3) Clean Cut Tubing Cutter (1) PEEK Finger Tight Fittings (5) PEEK Column Plugs (5) PEEK 90° Tubing Elbows (2) PEEK 180° Tubing Elbows (2) PEEK Column Connectors (2)

  • Thumbnail Image for Mobile Phase Sparge Filters

    The sparge filter is an inexpensive way to prepare and maintain mobile phases free of dissolved gas. Filters are made from 316 stainless steel and PEEK, and they are compatible with most solvents. Connects to standard 1/8" OD (3.2 mm) PTFE tubing.

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