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  • Thumbnail Image for Stainless Steel Pipet Canisters

    Rectangular Pipet Can (7785B10 and 7785N25) Made of stainless steel Rectangular Pasteur Pipet Cans (7785R10 and 7785R20) Made of stainless steel Cross section x length indicated in listings.

  • Thumbnail Image for Pipet Washers

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Automatic Siphon Pipet Washer-Rinser Constructed of high-density polyethylene Plastic resists corrosive action of common cleaning solutions, reduces scratching and breakage of glassware Chambers and carriers are offered in two sizes for pipets, burets, etc., up to 400 mm and 600 mm long. Either...

  • Thumbnail Image for Treff Pipette Tip & Storage Boxes

    Treff Pipette Tip-Boxes The polycarbonate Treff Tip-Boxes are ideal for pipette tip protection and storage.  Each transparent box contains a hinged lid for easy one hand opening and a 128-place grid insert for quick organization. There are two sizes available, one to accommodate 200ul pipette...

  • Thumbnail Image for Pipet Helper®


    The Eppendorf Pipet Helper is the perfect instrument for inexperienced users as its robust and intuitive design allows everybody to adjust the meniscus precisely. In addition the valve unit is optimized so that liquids can be drawn up simply, without exerting pressure. The aspiration bulb provides...

  • Thumbnail Image for Scienceware® Cleanware™ Pipette Rinsing System

    Easily Clean Multiple Pipettes While Avoiding Costly Breakage The Cleanware™ Pipette Rinsing System for pipette cleaning and storage has an effective, reliable design that ensures safe, efficient operation. Available in a complete system or in individual components. Pipette Rinsers provides a...

  • Thumbnail Image for Pipet Washer/Dryer Combination

    Combines the essential features of Piper Washer and Piper Dryer No need to move wet pipets from one apparatus to another Safety air gap eliminates risk of back-flow of contaminated water Processes up to 200 pipets 7mm diameter by 375mm long Supplied with Stainless Steel Pipet Holder (Model...

  • Thumbnail Image for Universal multichannel stand

    The dedicated stand for multichannel pipettes! A TRULY UNIVERSAL STAND This innovative design makes it compatible with both 8 and 12 channels pipettes Thanks to the plastic flexibility, the support edges widen or retract to adapt to the lower parts’ geometry of virtually all pipette brands A...

  • Thumbnail Image for White PVC Pipette Boxes with Acrylic Lids

    Hinged covered boxes with see-through lid for dust protection and color coding Protection for Pasteur pipets and bulbs

  • Thumbnail Image for Pipet Cans, Resin

    Ultem 1000 Pipet Cans Patented pipet cans are fabricated from polyetherimide resin Can withstand repeated steam and dry heat sterilization Virtually indestructible Transparent for easy visibility of contents Easy to clean Particularly useful for sterilizing and containing pipets used in work...

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