Thomas Disposable Sterile Petri Dishes

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Thomas Disposable Sterile Petri Dishes are available in stackable and slippable forms

  • Virgin biomedical grade polystyrene
  • Optically clear
  • Vented lids for air circulation
  • Radiation sterilized

Stackable Thomas Petri Dishes are ideal for general laboratory use while Slippable Thomas Petri Dishes are designed for automated filling systems. Vented lids permit air circulation during incubation to reduce condensation build-up. Petri dishes are optically clear for easy viewing.

Thomas Petri Dishes are available in the following sizes: 60 x 15 mm, 100 x 10 mm, 100 x 15 mm, and 150 x 15 mm.

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Dish, Petri, Stackable, 100 x 15mm

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