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  • Stainless Steel Bucket

    Polarware Company

    Stainless steel bucket with handle Two capacities available Tapered for easy pouring “Ears” for handles resist breakoff and allow easy cleaning

  • Scienceware® Large Pails

    Available in yellow polyethylene or autoclavable translucent polypropylene, these 13.2 liter (14qt) pails have a snug fitting lid and plated steel bail. Each bucket is 32cm (12-3/4") high with a 27cm (10-1/2") I.D. at top 7290F45 pail and cover are steam autoclavable at 121°C...

  • Pails


    Pails with Covers (1212W33) , (1212W34) , (1212W35) and (1212W36) . Heavy-duty pails molded of high density Polyethylene. Rigid construction. Steel bail handles with plastic hand grip. Snap-on cover is included.   Available in 2, 2.75 and 16 quart capacities. Pail, White without Cover (1212W37)...

  • Buckets with Spout & Graduations

    These LDPE buckets with easy pour spout are graduated internally in liters (TC-to contain). The steel bale handle has a comfortable grip. Suitable for food and beverage products with good to excellent chemical resistance especially at room temperature. Use up to 80°C or well below freezing.

  • Polypropylene Pails

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    POLYPROPYLENE, NALGENE Polypropylene Nalge 7012 Of thick polypropylene, with rolled rim, nylon-coated handle and polypropylene grip Interior is graduated in quarts and liters With steel support ring encircling pail near rim and removable, steel bail handle Autoclavable Available with and without...

  • Graduated Polypropylene Pails

    Pail Graduated Polypropylene 12 L (1212Z96) Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 13.937x12.75x13in Pails, 3 gallon capacity. Unique natural polypropylene buckets. Able to withstand a large range of corrosives. Graduated in one liter increments. Autoclavable.   Pail Graduated Polypropylene 15 L...

  • Plastic Pails and Lids - Placeholder Image

    Plastic Pail - 5 Gallon, White Safely store or ship your products in these durable pails High density polyethylene construction withstands temperatures up to 180°F Stackable with lid (not included). Empty pails nest for storage FDA compliant Plastic Pail - 2 Gallon, White Safely store or ship...

  • Nalgene™ LDPE Buckets with Lids

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Store specimens in formalin and other preservatives with Thermo Scientific Nalgene LDPE Buckets with Lids, featuring air-tight lids meeting OSHA standards for storage of bloodborne pathogens. These low density polyethylene buckets are excellent for no-splash transport around the lab and are...

  • Buckets, HDPE, with Handles

    HDPE buckets feature handles and molded pouring lips and graduations. PP lids available.

  • VITLAB Bucket, Polypropylene, with Handle and Lip

    HDPE buckets feature handles and molded pouring lips and graduations. PP lids available.

  • Scienceware® Small Pails

    These 7.6 liter (8qt) plastic pails are available in polyethylene or autoclavable polypropylene. Include snug fitting lid, removable plated steel support ring and bail handle Bucket height: 25cm (10"), 20cm (8") I.D. at top F16775-0000 polypropylene pail and cover are steam autoclavable at...

  • Scienceware® Heavy-Duty Pails

    Heavy-Duty Pails Polyethylene Wide rims that hold their shape under heavy loads Heavy-gauge, plastic-coated metal bail and a spout Recessed hand grip promotes safe handling and pouring Molded liter graduations on interior of pail

  • White HDPE Pail Lids

    Style: Plain Pail Lid Color: White Material: HDPE

  • White HDPE Open Head Pail

    2 Gallon White HDPE Open Head Pail Style: Open Head Pail Capacity/Volume: 2 Gallon (256oz) Color: White Material: HDPE Durable White HDPE Open Head Pails are perfect for storing and shipping large volumes of solids, powders and liquids. Ideal for general shop or warehouse usage. Pails have a rounded...

  • White HDPE Open Head Pail

    Technical Specification Style: Open Head Pail Color: White Material: HDPE Qty: 100 Capacity/Volume: 1 Gallon (128oz)  

  • Pail, Graduated 2.5 Gal.

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Thermo Scientific * Nalgene high-density polyethylene Buckets feature a wide-lipped pour spout and polyethylene-coated handle. Chemically compatible with a wide range of lab reagents.  Heavy duty construction for rugged use.  Ideal for transfer of laboratory solutions and powders....

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