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  • Super Shelf Benchtop Organizers

    Two Large shelves, double rack CD holder, Book Holder and Tool Holder Mouse hole for electrical cords Storage for chemicals, supplies or small electrical equipment Tool holder for pens, scissors or tools Provides the convenience of small tool and media storage with the flexibility of open shelves....

  • AkroBin® Standard Storage Bins

    Optimize your storage space. AkroBins are the industry-leading hanging and stacking plastic storage bin. Heavy-duty, industrial-grade polymer bins stack together or hang from Akro-Mils louvered racks and panels, rail racks, storage cabinets and louvered carts for high-density storage. They are...

  • MagLab™ Series

    Heathrow Scientific

    Create lab storage space – off your benchtop Easily organize common lab products off your benchtop with the MagLab storage system. Each rack is made of robust ABS plastic in a bright translucent color and features four powerful magnets for a secure hold onto most metal surfaces. MagRack™ holds...

  • Denville® Serological Pipette Holders, Benchtop Serological Pipette Holder, Acrylic, 3" wide

    Holds 1ml to 50ml pipettes or pipette cans Small footprint Constructed of durable acrylic or ABS H0301-M has a 5 inch wide opening H0301-M also has the option to be right or left hand oriented with the moveable magnets.

  • Deluxe Benchbooster

    Increases space around work area and provides convenient access to pens, lab books, Kimwipes®, instruction manuals, calculators, tools, etc. while keeping lab organized Heavy-duty plastic construction is resistant to chemicals and will not rust Numerous compartments to hold pens, pencils,...

  • Kimwipe® Dispenser

    Heathrow Scientific

    Fit Kimwipes® and other major brands Clear acrylic holders fit packages of small or large lab wipes. Mount on a shelf or wall. The smaller version attaches with double-back tape and the larger version with screws. Mounting materials included. Kimwipes is a registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark...

  • Scienceware® Lab-Fridge™, Tray Cabinet and Racks

    Space saving storage with the Lab Fridge™ Tray Cabinet Open front, holds 3 Lab Fridge® Tray Racks Polyproylene with styrene rails Accommodates bottles with a maximum height of 8.3cm (3-1/4") Eliminate clutter and allow for easy stock rotation with Lab Fridge™ Tray Racks Use for refrigerated storage...

  • Drawer Organizers

    Drawer Organizers Bright white, heavy duty PVC construction Sturdy apron around sides for easy handling Can be used as trays Dimensions: 17.5" L x 19.5" W x 2.7" D Model 7180K10 can store many small items and has 16 compartments. Model 7189K16 provides at-a-glance availability of...

  • Denville® Serological Pipette Holders, Magnetic Hanging Serological Pipette Holder, ABS, 5 wide

    Holds 1ml to 50ml pipettes or pipette cans Small footprint Constructed of durable acrylic or ABS H0301-M has a 5 inch wide opening H0301-M also has the option to be right or left hand oriented with the moveable magnets.

  • Access / Egress Organizer

    Clear acrylic, hinged lids on bins Durable, bright-white PVC construction Organizer has room for everything needed to safely enter and leave the lab area. Unit holds four pairs of glasses, a box of gloves, disposable apparel, reagents, lab coats, sweaters, hats, umbrellas and more. Features include...

  • Rotating Shelf, Triple

    Heavy-duty, smooth acton turntable, 16" high Ideal for use in hard-to-reach areas Solid, chemically-resistant PVC The three shelves are 12" x 12" and have a length-of-shelf safety lip. Rotating storage is ideal for use in hard-to-get areas like deep cabinets, corners and shared work...

  • Parafilm M® Dispenser, Parafilm M® Dispenser (5.25W x 5.75D x 5.5H)

    Easiest Parafilm Dispensing Ever Smooth-action safety blade makes a clean cut Includes adapter to hold a single 2” roll in place without binding Premium acrylic stands up to heavy use This exclusive design uses a spindle to suspend rolls for smooth and easy dispensing and is wide enough to...

  • BalanceBanks

    Provide fingertip access to weighing supplies Mini BalanceBank™ Provide fingertip access to weighing supplies Compartments keep weighing supplies clean Heavy-duty, chemical-resistant, PVC construction Promotes lab cleanliness Mini BalanceBank™ Holds Kimwipes®, spatulas, pens, paper,...

  • All Purpose Extended Tripleshelf

    Extended TripleShelf™ Convenient, all-purpose storage unit with three shelves provides storage for lab supplies Chemical resistant and easy to clean PVC polymer construction; will not rust Safety lip on shelves; shelves measure 6" D x 24" L. Available in three sizes

  • White Polystyrene 5 & 6 Compartment Drawer Organizers

    Five or six long slots store pipettes, thermometers or other long items Bright white high-impact styrene for strength and a full apron for carrying Rounded corners for easy cleaning, smooth, non-scratching surface

  • Hood or Wall Mount Pipette Storage Bins

    These holders are great for storing long disposable or volumetric pipettes. They feature angled compartments for secure storage and an elegant design. Wall-mountable with tape or magnet, or use free-standing for bench-top use. PVC item is opaque and very strong. Protects pipettes from dust and dirt....

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