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  • Thumbnail Image for Bacti-Cinerator IV


    Sterilizes by infrared heat-organic material that is incinerated deep in a ceramic funnel tube Sterilizes loops and needles safely and conveniently Prevents infectious spatter and/or cross-contamination Safeguards laboratory personnel - no open flame or hazardous gas Sterilization takes only 5 to 7...

  • Thumbnail Image for Thomas Disposable Inoculating Loops & Needles


    High impact polystyrene loops and needles are smooth and flexible to facilitate uniform and smooth streaking without damaging the gel surface. Needles are straight and suitable for removal of specimens of single colonies. Packed sterile in safe, tamper-proof, zip-seal resealable bags. Disposable...

  • Thumbnail Image for Reusable Inoculating Loops & Needles

    Argos Technologies

    Inoculating Loops Argos brand Inoculating Loops are made from high quality twisted nichrome wire. Loops have been designed to slide along agar surfaces without cutting or tearing. Argos Inoculating Loops cool rapidly and are less expensive than platinum. Loops are supplied without handles and are...

  • Thumbnail Image for Nichrome Inoculating Loops


    Manufactured to critical tolerances Twisted loops are 3” in length Aluminum handles Packaged individually in solid plastic boxes with caps to protect during shipping and storage.

  • Thumbnail Image for Bacti Cell Spreaders

    Bio Plas

    The Bacti Cell Spreaders are unique products designed to greatly simplify and speed up bacterial culture work. There are two sizes: 30mm and 60mm wide, which allow these polypropylene Bacti Cell Spreaders to make it very easy to evenly distribute bacterial cells rapidly over an entire nutrient...

  • Thumbnail Image for Bacti Infrared MicroSterilizer


    Complete infrared sterilization in 5-7 sec. Safe, convenient and no splatter Ideal for platinum loops, needles and tube mouths The Thomas® Bacti Infrared MicroSterilizer is designed for “on the bench” sterilization of research microbiology tools. It uses infrared heating to produce...

  • Thumbnail Image for Nova™ Microincinerator

    Argos Technologies

    Sterilizes in 5 to 7 seconds No open flame Ergonomic design The Nova Microcinerator is designed to sterilize metal inoculating loops and needles without using an open flame; eliminating aerosoling of micro organisms. By using infrared heat inside a ceramic tube, the Nova Microcinerator protects your...

  • Thumbnail Image for L-Shaped Spreader

    Globe Scientific

    Globe Scientific's L-Shaped disposable spreaders offer an economical and convenient way for spreading samples on agar surfaces and filters in Petri dishes. The foot of the spreaders feature a smooth rounded surface to facilitate even spreading of liquid samples across the surface of agar plates...

  • Thumbnail Image for Inoculating Loops


    Platinum-15% Iridium Loop (7012G10) 26 B&S gauge For milk and urine testing Deliver 0.001 mL sample from 1.45 mm diameter loop 15% iridium for added strength Shank length, 70 mm 19 B&S gauge Platinum-3% Rhodium loop (7012G20) For milk testing in accordance with A.P.H.A. Standard Methods for the...

  • Thumbnail Image for Nichrome Inoculating Loops

    Sci Labs USA

    Made from ASTM Standard (B167-11) High-Quality Nickel-Chromium Alloy Wire Ideal for selecting, inoculating, or transferring microbiological samples Cools rapidly after sterilization Loops slide along agar surfaces without cutting or tearing Reusable loop features plain or insulated aluminum handle

  • Thumbnail Image for Inoculation Turntable


    Turntables for rapid, uniform culture spreading Exceptionally smooth rotation Two sizes available Permits rapid, uniform spreading of plaques and bacterial colonies for filter lift and other routine applications. Low 1 1/2" height and non-slip work surface reduces fatigue and provides better...

  • Thumbnail Image for Inoculating Loops & Needles

    Celltreat Scientific

    CELLTREAT inoculating loops and needles are made from high quality polypropylene and are available in 3 styles; needle, 1µl loop and 10µl loop. The stems are flexible and can be bent to access small volume tubes and dishes and they are color-coded for easy identification. The surface of...

  • Thumbnail Image for Sensorturn Turntable for Petri Dishes


    Contact-free IR sensor guarantees extremely simple operation Variable rotational periods from 3 to 25 seconds Variable rotational speed control: 9 to 110 rpm Accommodates Petri dishes up to 103 mm diameter IR sensor allows user to switch the turntable on and off at any time with simple movements of...

  • Thumbnail Image for Inoculating Needle with Looped Platinum Wire

    GSC International, Inc.

    Glass 6" handle with Platinum needle is 28 gauge x 5cm length, with looped end.

  • Thumbnail Image for Lazy-L-Spreaders™

    Excel Scientific

    Lazy-L-Spreaders™ Pre-sterilized Made of unbreakable polystyrene L-shaped design for convenient and simple spreading Lazy-L-Spreaders allow the user to simply turn the petri dish 360° to achieve a smooth and even sample distribution. A smooth spreading surface with a slight upward turn reduces...

  • Thumbnail Image for Disposable L-Shaped Cell Spreaders


    Disposable L-shaped cell spreaders are ideal for spreading bacterial cultures evenly. The L-shape allows application on the entire petri dish or plate surface. Smooth spreading surface with slight upward return reduces the risk of damaging agar sample. Spreaders are manufactured of polypropylene and...

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