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  • Distilling Head, Short Path

    Designed for use with small quantities where hold up between the flask and receiver must be kept to a minimum. The thermometer bulb and stem serve as column packing. Upper hose connections are for cooling lines while the lower connection is for vacuum. Available with Vigreux indentations to improve...

  • Distilling Receiver, Moisture Test, Barrett

    Barrett style distilling receiver used to determine the water content in petroleum or bituminous material. Receiver is made according to ASTM specifications, with the addition of the top outer standard taper joint and lower stopcock. Available with glass or PTFE stopcocks.

  • Sweep Elbow, Process Pipe

    Sweep elbow available in 22.5, 45, 60,and 90 degree angles.

  • Adapters, PTFE, Thermocouple

    PTFE adapter for use with either 1/8"; or 1/4"; thermocouples. Adapter has an outer Viton® o-ring to form a grease-free, airtight seal between the adapter and the listed size of outer joint. The compression nut works in conjunction with the upper Viton® to provide a airtight seal...

  • Adapters, Inert Gas, Inner Joint

    Adapter has two hose connections 180° from one another to permit a flow of inert gas over the apparatus. Hose connection has an O.D. of 10mm at the largest serration.

  • Distilling Adapter

    Compact and simple distilling adapter for use with Chemglass process reactors. Vapor flows upward freely and distillate is collected in to the small bowl below the joint and through the stopcock into a distilling receiver. Adapter has a lower inner joint and is available with one or two top outer...

  • Distilling Adapter, Angled

    Adapter is designed for use with flasks or reaction vessel lids that have a 10 or 20° angled side neck. Adapter has a lower inner joint and two top outer joints. Lower stopcock is either a 6mm or a 10mm PTFE stopcock with a 1/2” or 3/4” OD distillate takeoff for use with a...

  • Adapters, Distillation, Claisen

    Distilling adapter having an outer member on the vertical side tube for use with a thermometer of the listed joint size and immersion. Sidearm has a standard taper inner drip tip joint while vertical tube has a top outer and lower inner joint, all being the same size. FOR THERMOMETERS SEE CG-3506-N.

  • Adapters, Inlet, Inner Joint, 90°

    Allows PTFE tubing to be connected to apparatus for introduction of vacuum or pressure. 1/2" OD ground swagelock is designed for use with a standard 1/2" TFE, PFA, or polypropylene compression fitting.

  • Fritted Filters Discs

    Porous discs for use in fabrication of special glass apparatus. Available in F, M, C and XC porosities. Pressure Limits: Fritted glassware is designed for low pressure vacuum filtration or gas flow. The MAX differential pressure should not exceed 15 PSI. Thermal Limits: Fritted glassware should not...

  • Distilling Receiver, Moisture Test, Barrett

    Similar to CG-1261 but with the uptake tube vacuum jacketed to improve distillation performance. The jacket eliminates the possibility of condensation or recrystallization of distillate in the sidearm.

  • Glass Beads, Borosilicate, Soda Lime

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Solid Borosilicate (5663F29 to F47) With diameters selected within a tolerance of ±0.5 mm Kimax brand specific gravity is 2.23 Soda Lime Glass (5663L13 - L31) Made of soda lime glass, specific gravity is 2.49, approximately spherical In 1 lb. packages Soda Lime Glass (5663R20 - R70) For cell...

  • Adapters, Inlet, Inner Joint, 90°

    Allows for flexible tubing to be connected to apparatus for introduction of vacuum or pressure. Hose connection has an O.D. of 10mm at the largest serration and is bent downward at a 90º angle to the inner joint.

  • Distilling Head, Short Path, Improved

    Similar to CG-1239, but with the condenser being a combination of a cold coil and Liebig. Water flows into hose connection “A” through the coil and exits the outer jacket through hose connection “B”. Head is excellent for use when distilling medium to high boiling point...

  • Adapter, Inlet, Bleed Tubes

    For the introduction of gases or liquids during reactions. Bleed tube is 7mm OD X 265mm overall length with a tapered delivery end and capillary tip.

  • PYREX Solid Glass Beads

    3 to 6 mm in diameter Diameter tolerance is ±0.75 mm PYREX solid glass beads are useful for packing in distillation columns, mixing beads and boiling stones. Beads are packaged in 0.45 kg (1 lb) boxes, which have a packing volume of approximately 360 cm 3 or 22 cubic inches.

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