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  • Micro Pestles

    United Scientific Supplies

    This double-ended polypropylene micro pestle features one end that fits 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes and another end that fits 0.5ml tubes. Autoclavable. Micro pestles are excellent for resuspending bacterial cells and precipitates of nucleic acids or proteins, and are useful for tissue grinding.

  • Cell dissociation sieve - tissue grinder kit tissue grinder homogenizer kit, stainless steel, autoclavable, 1/kit

    Components Tissue Grinder Homogenizer Kit Components include: Kit contains one 85 mL cup, 5 each of 40, 50 and 60 mesh screens, 5 screen replacement keys and 2 glass pestles.

  • EZ-Grindâ„¢


    A highly efficient grinding resin that is pre-aliquoted into 1.5ml grinding tubes and is supplied with matching pestles. The resin is designed for optimal grinding of biological samples for the extraction of both proteins and DNA. The resin is a neutral abrasive material that does not bind proteins...

  • Ultra Series Tissue Grinders

    Biomedical Polymers

    Vitrified, Silica Cast Pestle Tips Provide Enhanced Grinding Capability for Difficult Samples The pestle tips of the new BMP Ultra Tissue Grinders have been vitrified using a proprietary silica casting process. The result is a glass-like abrasive surface which provides a more aggressive grinding...

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