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  • Thumbnail Image for Big Universal Traps

    Agilent Technologies

    Big Universal Traps utilize a layered, multi-adsorbent bed packing of the most effective, highest capacity adsorbent materials available today for the removal of oxygen, moisture, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide from helium gas streams. The volume of the various adsorbent materials...

  • Thumbnail Image for Tekmar Fritless Sparger

    Chromatography Research Supplies

    Precision ground heavy wall tubing Remarkable piece-to-piece consistency Glassware is designed for Tekmar instruments. Made by a special fixture-based process which affords piece-to-piece consistency. Tops are fire-polished for smoothness. Kits include sparger, replacement stainless steel needle...

  • Thumbnail Image for Sparger Fritted 25ml 1/2"

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    These U-shaped spargers are specially designed for use with Teledyne Tekmar 2000 and 3000 Purge and Trap Concentrators and with the 2016 and 2032 Autosamplers. 25 mL Fritted Sparger (2000/3000) with 3/4" mount Fritted spargers are recommended for potable water and wastewater samples Fritless...

  • Thumbnail Image for Vacuum Trap with Serrated Hose Connections

    Same as 8751 except with six ring hose connections on inlet and outlet tubes. O.D. of smallest ring is 14mm; largest is 16mm.

  • Thumbnail Image for Moisture Removal S-Traps

    Agilent Technologies

    Contains Molecular Sieve 5Å, 45/60 mesh Traps can be reconditioned by heating at a minimum of 350°C, with flow for 6 hours.

  • Thumbnail Image for VACUUM TRAP, with Serrated Hose Connections

    Features six ring hose connections on inlet and outlet tubes. O.D. of smallest ring is 14mm; largest is 16mm

  • Placeholder Image for Savant Refrigerated Vapor Trap 115V 50/60Hz

    Savant Refrigerated Vapor Traps effectively condense and trap a wide variety of solvent vapors that can contaminate and degrade vacuum pump oil.

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