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  • Thumbnail Image for Heater/Sensor Assembly for Agilent 6850/6890/7890 GCs

    Use with FID, TCD, NPD, and split/splitless inlets. Meets or exceeds original manufacturer’s performance.

  • Thumbnail Image for Gap Inspection Gauge

    Confirm that fittings are sufficiently tightened For use with 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Swagelok fittings For Swagelok fittings in new installations only

  • Thumbnail Image for 1/16" Tubing Cutter

    Produces square, smooth cuts in 1/16-inch tubing Eliminates tubing distortion Cuts hard or soft copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, Monel alloy, or titanium Replaceable cutting wheel

  • Thumbnail Image for Vial Rack for Headspace Vials

    Securely holds up to 36 headspace vials (fits 6, 10, or 20 mL vials). Vials lock in rack for convenient one-handed cap removal. Openings in the bottom of each well facilitate drainage. Alphanumeric indexing on rack simplifies sample identification. Easy to clean and fully autoclavable.*...

  • Thumbnail Image for Restek Electronic Leak Detector

    Prevent small leaks from causing big problems with a Restek leak detector. Detects a broad range of gases and indicates leak severity with both an LED display and audible tone. No more waiting for a full charge—can be operated during charging or used up to 12 hours between charges. Charging...

  • Thumbnail Image for 2.0mL Sample Vial Racks

    Racks feature alphanumeric indexing for easier vial identification. Racks can be stacked for efficient storage. Fits most 2.0 mL, 12 x 32 mm vials (vials sold separately).

  • Thumbnail Image for Coiled Welded/Drawn 304 Grade Stainless Steel Tubing (Sulfinert Treated)

    Our most popular grade of tubing. Recommended for: Chromatography applications Gas delivery systems Lower pressures Inert applications Maximum temperature of 450°C in an inert atmosphere.

  • Thumbnail Image for Dual Vespel Ring Inlet Seals for Agilent GCs

    Our patented dual Vespel ring inlet seal greatly improves injection port performance—it stays sealed, even after repeated temperature cycles, without retightening the reducing nut! This seal features two soft Vespel rings, one embedded in its top surface and the other embedded in its bottom...

  • Thumbnail Image for Parker Balston PEM Hydrogen Generators

    Fuel-grade high purity hydrogen generators are safer alternatives to high-pressure gas cylinders. The new Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) cell eliminates the use of liquid electrolytes with hydrogen generators. Deionized water is all that is required to generate hydrogen for weeks of continuous...

  • Thumbnail Image for Silica adsorbents for column chromatography

    Silica adsorbents for column chromatography Features Standard silica 60 , pore size ~ 60 Å Pore volume ~ 0.75 mL/g Highly porous, amorphous silicic acid in the form of hard, opalescent particles, prepared by precipitation of water glass with sulfuric acid For higher demands on the performance...

  • Thumbnail Image for Rinsed and Cleaned 304 Stainless Steel Tubing

    Use for providing carrier, fuel, make-up, or auxiliary gases to laboratory instruments.

  • Thumbnail Image for Gas Clean Filters

    Agilent Technologies

    The Gas Clean Filter System delivers clean gases, reducing the risks of column damage, sensitivity loss and instrument downtime.

  • Thumbnail Image for Electronic Rechargeable Crimpers and Decappers

    These electronic crimpers and decappers have a rechargeable 6.4-volt battery installed. The large battery allows for quick, powerful operation and a faster charge cycle, minimizing downtime. Charging the battery takes thirty minutes to two hours. The universal plug set includes U.S., European, UK,...

  • Thumbnail Image for Tedlar® Gas Sampling Bag


    Tedlar is recommended in several US EPA methods for sampling VOCs and sulfur compounds. Our Tedlar is made from a high-quality 2 mil Tedlar film for superior inertness, impermeability, sample integrity and good recovery data. Our Push Lock Valve (PLV) and seam-sealing process ensure that these bags...

  • Thumbnail Image for GC-MS Cleaning Kit

    Poor sensitivity, loss of sensitivity at high masses, or high multiplier gain during an auto tune are all indicators that your mass spectrometer source may need to be cleaned. Restek has assembled all of the necessary components for cleaning and polishing your ion source. The Restek GC-MS Cleaning...

  • Thumbnail Image for Inland 45 Pump Oil

    Recommended for most mass spectrometers. Ease at cold start. Low vapor pressure 10 -7 torr. Nontoxic and noncorrosive. Compatible with buna-N, neoprene, and Viton seals. Optimum vacuum pump performance. Lowest mass spectrometer background. Recommended for optimum mass spec performance.

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