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  • Thumbnail Image for Porcelain Mortar and Pestle Sets, Deep Form

    United Scientific Supplies

    Mortars with lips are glazed on the outside, except for the bottom. Pestles are glazed to grinding surface. Oversized pestle for easier grinding. Thermal Shock Resistance - average coefficient of expansion from 20° C to 200° C is 3.56 x 10-5, gradually increasing to 4.69 x 10-5 at...

  • Thumbnail Image for Porcelain Evaporating Dishes with Spout

    Maximum use temperature 1150°C Sizes up to and including 250 mL are glazed throughout with exception of rim Larger sizes (over 250 mL ) are glazed inside and partly outside; flat bottom

  • Thumbnail Image for Porcelain Evaporating Dish

    GSC International, Inc.

    A high quality laboratory grade porcelain, made with uniform wall thickness and dense materials which provides stable mechanical strength and little permeability. When properly used, the glazed pieces can withstand temperatures of 1050 degrees centigrade and the unglazed pieces can withstand...

  • Thumbnail Image for Aluminum Dishes with Covers

    Dual Manufacturing

    Heavy gauge aluminum dishes with covers, may be used as a general sample container to protect samples during testing and storage. Dishes have straight sides and flat bottom. All dishes are supplied with snug fitting covers that fit either the top or bottom of dish for storage.

  • Thumbnail Image for KIMAX® Crystallizing Dishes

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Ideal for storage and crystallization. KIMAX® dish rim is reinforced and fire-polished to reduce chipping Will withstand repeated sterilization, wet or dry Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements

  • Thumbnail Image for PYREX Crystallizing Dishes

    With reinforced rims, fire-polished to reduce chipping Will withstand repeated sterilization (wet or dry) Ideal for storage and crystallization

  • Thumbnail Image for Dishes, Evaporating Polytetrafluoroethylene Low Form

    Evaporating dishes - low form. Manufactured from pure polytetrafluoroethylene with heavy wall. Supplied with pouring spouts. Inert and useable to 260ºC. Smooth internal finish.

  • Thumbnail Image for Porcelain Evaporating Dishes, High Temp, Round Form

    Round form evaporating dishes include lip. Glazed inside and outside on both sides, except for large dishes (greater than 385 ml) which are glazed inside and partially outside. Thermal Shock Resistance - average coefficient of expansion from 20° C to 200° C is 3.56 x 10-5, gradually...

  • Thumbnail Image for Porcelain Evaporating Dishes, Flat Form

    United Scientific Supplies

    Shallow form with lip and flat bottom. Glazed except for rim and part of the outside bottom. Autoclavable. Withstand temperatures to 1150°C. To prevent thermal stress cracks, we strongly recommend a heating/cooling rate not exceeding 200°C per hour. United porcelain evaporating dishes offer...

  • Thumbnail Image for Porcelain Evaporating Dishes without Spout

    Straight sides and flat bottom glazed inside and out except for rim Used in milk analysis

  • Thumbnail Image for Evaporating Dish

    United Scientific Supplies

    Each glazed evaporating dish is individually packed. They can withstand temperatures up to 1050 degrees Celsius.

  • Thumbnail Image for Evaporating Dishes

    Tall form with pouring spout Pure polytetrafluoroethylene, heavy wall, smooth internal finish Inert and usable to 280°C

  • Thumbnail Image for Chemware® PTFE Evaporating Dishes

    The Chemware® PTFE Evaporating Dish can be used to concentrate a solution or to create solid precipitates. The evaporating dish can also be used as a shallow bath, as a drying dish or as a beaker cover to protect contents from dust and other contaminants. PTFE material is unbreakable, chemically...

  • Thumbnail Image for Porcelain Casseroles

    Glazed inside and outside (with exception of rim) With spout and flat porcelain handle Multiple capacities Lids not included

  • Thumbnail Image for Evaporation Dish, Shallow 30ml

    Evaporating dish with lip, shallow form, glazed inside except for rim and partially outside.

  • Thumbnail Image for Dish 90X50


    These 170mL PYREX® dishes have rugged beaded rims and are approximately 90x50mm (O.D.xHeight).

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