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  • Vacutainer® Urine Collection System

    BD Urine Collection Products offer the advantages of a closed system, for both patients and healthcare workers alike. Patients receive more reliable results, due to decreased preanalytical variability. Healthcare workers derive more safety on the job because they do not need to pour potentially...

  • Nestable Sharps Collectors

    For your complete disposal requirements - rigid, polypropylene construction for strength, puncture resistance and durability Safety lock closure adds an extra measure of safety Point-first vertical drop minimizes need to maneuver syringe when dropping into collector Sturdy handles mean that hands...

  • Large and Extra Large Sharp Collectors

    These collectors are fully compatible with trolleys to provide stability and mobility. Key Features: Temporary and final closure features Visual, audible, tactile (VAT) perimeter locks to ensure that the lid is securely attached to the base and to provide security against tampering. Double wall...

  • Sharps Collectors

    Phlebotomy BD Phlebotomy Collectors are available in two sizes and can be used with brackets for added stability Built-in needle removal ports designed to prevent contact with sharps during disposal Clear tops featuring a clear view of the fill level Temporary and final closures for safety and...

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