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  • Thumbnail Image for Aluminum Weighing Dishes

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    These lightweight, low tare (0.15 g for 11mm and 0.45 g for 20mm) dishes are ideal for milligram weighing. The smooth aluminum surface ensures complete transfer. Use of balance-type forceps enables easy grasping. Liquids or solids may be transferred to this micro dish to be weighed. Aluminum...

  • Thumbnail Image for 5 Slide Staining Jar w / Tall Lid

    5-/10-Slide Unit With Tall Lid for Slides This jar is specifically designed with an extra-tall lid to accept five single 25 mm x 75 mm and 25 mm x 100 mm slides or 10 slides back to back. Manufactured from soda-lime glass. Approximate inside dimensions: 26 mm L x 26 mm W x 90 mm D.

  • Thumbnail Image for Slide Grip


    This grip lets you easily and safely transfer groups of five slides to other containers and immerse them for staining. Made of polypropylene, it fits into Wheaton Coplin staining jars.

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