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  • Thumbnail Image for SpillSolv® Chemical Spill Kits

    Choose from 6 different kits High capacity neutralizers Wall-mountable or portable case Shaker-top containers Neutralization indicated by color change Uses less neutralizer which provides faster cleanups and less expense. Forms into small clumps making clean-up and disposal quicker and simpler....

  • Thumbnail Image for Petri Dishes and Petri-Pad Dishes

    Petri Dishes 47 mm dishes for filter cultures on broth Sterilized Petri-Pad Absorbent Pads 47 mm dishes pre-loaded with sterilized absorbent pads. Eliminates labor and cost of hand-loading pads and minimizes contamination.

  • Thumbnail Image for PetriSlides™ Dish for Microbiological Analysis

    Substitute for Petri Dishes. Holds filter securely in place. Transparent cover allows microscopic examination without removal. Rectangular base has rounded corners for mounting on microscope stage. Sterilized storage and examination containers for culturing microorganisms on 47 mm membranes,...

  • Thumbnail Image for Absorbent Pads


    Dispensing of sterile absorbent pads. Applications: Wine Beer Bottled Water Cider Clinical Lab Cosmetics Environmental Analysis Food and Beverage Industrial QC Laboratory Filtration Soft Drink Sport Drink Please note: Dishes are not included. Pads only.

  • Thumbnail Image for Fluids Contamination Kit


    The Fluid Contamination Kit is a complete collection of hardware and consumables to properly equip your lab for contamination analysis. The kit conforms to standard contamination test procedures such as ARP-598 (hydraulic fluids) and federal standard 791a (lubricants, liquid fuels, and related...

  • Thumbnail Image for TPP tissue culture dishes diam. × D 100 mm × 20 mm, surface area size 60.1 cm2

    Synonym: culture dishes, disposable petri dishes, plastic petri dishes General description Innovative features and outstanding cell growth properties make the TPP tissue culture dishes the ideal choice for adherent cell culture in research and industry. These optically clear, high-grade polystyrene...

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