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  • Dishes, Evaporating Polytetrafluoroethylene Low Form

    Evaporating dishes - low form. Manufactured from pure polytetrafluoroethylene with heavy wall. Supplied with pouring spouts. Inert and useable to 260ºC. Smooth internal finish.

  • Trays, High-Density Polyethylene

    High-density polyethylene trays. Heavy trays fabricated with 1/4" thick high density polyethylene. All welded construction. Trays can be customized with spigots and covers which are fabricated to order. Additional sizes and materials available upon request.

  • BenchGuard™ Matting Roll Dispenser

    BenchGuard™ roll dispenser. BenchGuard and BenchGuard  Extra have highly absorbent upper surfaces that contain  spills and a tough polycoated base to protect your  work surface. Standard BenchGuard absorbs up to 400ml  per square meter, the competition absorbs 274ml or...

  • Polystyrene Stackable Petri Dishes

    Transparent Polystyrene and optically clear Stackable For single use Sterile by irradiation (1183C15 is gamma irradiated; 1183C16 is E-Beam irradiated) Consistent flatness allows for even media distribution Certificate of Sterilization upon request Traceable by batch number

  • Evaporating Dishes

    Tall form with pouring spout Pure polytetrafluoroethylene, heavy wall, smooth internal finish Inert and usable to 280°C

  • Crucibles, Polytetrafluoroethylene

    Polytetrafluoroethylene crucibles, chemically inert and useable to 280ºC. Machine finished surfaces for ease of cleaning and to eliminate contamination.

  • Hazardous Chemical Bottle Pourer

    PTFE Pouring surfaces are totally inert Neck-sealing ring encapsulated in PTFE Pourer design allows direct and controlled pouring due to incorporated breather vent. Attached PTFE closure ensures contaminant-free contents when not in use.

  • Dry Waste Boxes

    Dry Waste Box Hinged Lid (1212V15) Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 4x8x15.5in Slim Model: Beta shielding box is for storage of a wide variety of laboratory products. Available in many sizes to suit almost every need. 100% shielding from 32P emitters. Hinged lid for easy handling. All supplied with...

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