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    Replacement tubes for most block digestors Borosilicate glass Three styles Excellent value Tubes are manufactured from heavy wall, borosilicate glass in styles and dimensions for use with Westco, AIM, Fisher, Lachat BD 46 and earlier models and most other block digestors. Available as...

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    SCP Science

    Recognized as the best disposable digestion vessels on the market. Manufactured using virgin polypropylene, verified for leachable metals by ICP-MS. Low leachable catalytic/additive metal content, excellent visibility and good acid resistance are guaranteed. Digi TUBE s come complete with leak free,...

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    Environmental Express

    Still The Industry's Cleanest Resin, Newly Redesigned for Optimum Performance! All Environmental Express® digestion cups are molded from the same polypropylene resin you've come to trust. We continue to certify our digestion cups for 68 elements-the most on the market, and our improved...

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    Environmental Express

    The large capacity SC154 Hot Block will digest up to 54, 50mL samples simultaneously in just a 15 X 21.5" footprint. Constructed of Graphite and Kydex® the corrosion-resistant SC154 was designed for environmental and other acid digestions prior to metals determinations. The SC154 uses a...

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    Environmental Express

    Designed to fit our SC150 HotBlock™ for 100mL samples, this 125mL volume wide-mouth digestion vessel is supplied with a 48mm screw cap. The SC490 digestion vessel is made of copolymer polypropylene. Vessels are graduated at 10mL, 25mL, 50mL, 75mL and 100mL. The cap is lined with coextruded...

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    1194F87: For type: TT625, TT125, KB(L)8S, KB(L)20S 1185F59:  For type: KB(L)8S-BS, KB(L)20S-B 1181L06: For type: TT625, TT125, KB(L)8S, KB(L)20S

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    Greenwood Products

    MP-115PB: 50mL Natural PP Graduated Digestion Tube with Blue HDPE Screw Thread Cap MP-112: Reflux Cap for MP-108 and MP-115

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    Environmental Express

    These disposable 34mm reflux caps fit onto our 50mL SC475 digestion vessels. This special cap has a 12.7mm hole in its center to allow for the addition of reagents during digestion. Tests have shown equal reflux between the SC506 reflux cap and the SC505 ribbed watch glass.

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    Recommended accessory for BD-46 Block Digestor.

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    These PYREX® tubes contain a full length Standard Taper inner joint.

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    Digestion vessels are certified to class A volume accuracy, include a metals background report and are compatible with leading brand graphite block digestion systems. 500 vessels/case Made from virgin polypropylene (PP) Excellent visibility Very good resistance to acids Molded-in graduations are in...

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    Environmental Express

    SC475 digestion vessels provide premium performance in your SC154 HotBlock™, SC100 HotBlock or AutoBlock™. These vessels are molded of clarified homopolymer polypropylene assuring higher working temperatures and greater chemical resistance than the commonly used co-polymer polypropylene....

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