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  • Thumbnail Image for Spectra/Por Dialyzer Tubing

    pH Limits: 2 to 12 Suggested Temperature Limit: 60°C  Organic Solvent Tolerance: Good Composed of cellulose regenerated from cotton linters, offered in various pore sizes with molecular weight cutoffs (MWCO) ranging from 1,000 to 50,000 Contains glycerol added as a humectant which can...

  • Thumbnail Image for Multi-purpose Dialysis Tubing

    Multi-purpose dialysis tubing with more MWCO's available. Pre-treated tubing is ready- to-use, not requiring soaking to remove glycerol. Spectra/Por 7 is also pre-treated to minimize trace levels of heavy metals & sulfides.

  • Thumbnail Image for Universal Closures

    Spectrum Med

    Specially designed with gentle sealing ridges, Universal Closures are the ideal all-purpose closure that creates a reliable seal with all membrane grades, types and thicknesses. Available in a variety of colors for easy sample identification.

  • Thumbnail Image for Spectra/Por Cellulose Ester Dialysis Membranes

    Only Spectrum offers Biotech grade dialysis membrane for those critical applications requiring stringent MWCO's and membrane purity. Since these synthetic membranes are made using a process free of heavy metal contaminants and sulfides, they are ultra-pure and require no cleaning or...

  • Thumbnail Image for Spectra/Por Weighted and Magnetic Weighted Closures

    Autoclavable, Spectra/Por Weighted Closures encase an acid- washed, fluorocarbon coated, stainless steel bar. When applied to bottom end of the dialysis tubing, the Weighted Closure acts like an anchor to maintain a vertical orientation of the sample. The ultimate sample buoyancy and vertical...

  • Thumbnail Image for Float-A-Lyzer G2

    Spectrum Med

    Spectrum introduces the Spectra/Por® Float-A-Lyzer® G2, the next generation in Ready-to-Use laboratory dialysis devices featuring proprietary Ultra-pure Biotech Cellulose Ester (CE) Membrane available in 9 precise MWCO's with no heavy metal and sulfide contaminants. The cylindrical tubing geometry...

  • Thumbnail Image for Tube-A-Lyzer

    Spectrum Med

    Spectrum's Tube-A-Lyzer is a ready-to-use, gentle separation device that combines convenience and disposability with the efficiency of dynamic dialysis to significantly increase the mass transfer rate and reduce the overall dialysis from 1-2 days to 12 hours. This self-contained, disposable device...

  • Thumbnail Image for Spectra/Por Standard Closures

    Since Spectra/Por Standard Closures float, they aid in buoyancy and vertical orientation when applied to the tubing top end. Autoclavable and available in a variety of colors for easy sample identification. For use with Spectra/Por Standard Regenerated Cellulose membranes only.

  • Thumbnail Image for Standard RC Dialysis Tubing: Spectra/Por® 1-3

    Because Standard Regenerated Cellulose (RC) is composed of natural cellulose regenerated from cotton linters, these membranes are perfectly suited for a broad range of laboratory dialysis. This clear and flexible membrane type with a symmetric porosity is economical and sturdy, ideal for desalting,...

  • Thumbnail Image for Biotech CE Dialysis Trial Kits - 1 m/roll

    Ideal for small volume dialysis or evaluation of membrane for an application, biotech grade Cellulose Ester (CE) & Regenerated Cellulose (RC) tubing is now available in 1 m & 0.5m length trial kits respectively with a pair of tubing closures.

  • Thumbnail Image for Standard RC Dialysis Trial Kits - 5 m/roll:
Spectra/Por® 1-3

    Ideal for small volume dialysis or evaluation of membrane for an application, multi-purpose standard Regenerated Cellulose (RC) tubing is now available in 5 m length trial kits with a pair of tubing closures.

  • Thumbnail Image for Micro Float-A-Lyzer

    Spectrum Med

    Designed to maximize convenience and efficiency, Spectrum's ready-to-use Micro Float-A-Lyzer is ideal for the diaylysis of very small sample volumes. Available in two volume sizes,100-200 µl and 400-500 µl, the Micro Float-A-Lyzer features Spectrum's proprietary Biotech Grade Cellulose Ester (CE)...

  • Thumbnail Image for Hollow Fiber Cell Implantation

    Spectrum proudly offers proprietary CellMax hollow fiber membranes for implant technology to provide a TRUE-to-LIFE response for drug screening and cancer research. Perfectly suited for implantation, the modified Polyvinylidene Difluoride (mPVDF) hollow fiber membrane is biocompatible, resistant to...

  • Thumbnail Image for Standard RC Ready-to-use Dialysis Sacks:
Spectra/Por® 1-4

    Designed for the general dialysis of larger sample volumes, the Ready-to-Use Sack consists of a 60 cm length of Spectra/Por 1, 2, 3 or 4 tubing, sealed at one end with a Spectra/Por Closure and a funnel attached to the other for easy filling. Simply fill, apply closure & cut.

  • Thumbnail Image for Dialysis sacks Avg. flat width 25 mm (1.0 in.), MWCO 12,000 Da

    Cellulose tubing; will retain proteins with M.W. > 12,000 Da Inflated diam. approx. 16 mm (0.64 in.); pre-cut; open ended; dry, unwashed; approx. length = 30 cm (12 in.)

  • Placeholder Image for Biologically inert regenerated cellulose membrane

    Implantation of individual micro-dialysis hollow fibers are ideal for the recovery or introduction of micro-quantity biologicals or pharmaceutical materials in a localized tissue environment. After injecting sample into the lumen with a syringe, simply dip the ends of the fiber in epoxy to seal,...

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