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  • Dropette® Disposable Transfer Pipets

    Made of low density polyethylene These all-in-one pipets eliminate the hazard of broken glass and exposure to infectious materials. Put an end to matching rubber bulbs with glass pipets. Molded from see-through low density polyethylene. Inert to biological fluids and most acids. Can be sealed and...

  • Deep Well Plates - 384 Well, Volume: 400µl, Height: 42mm, Qty: 24

    100µl, 200µl, 300µl, 400µl well volume Standard dimensions / robot compatible Polypropylene 384 well plates are designed for HTS applications and are compatible with multichannel pipettes and robotic workstations. All sizes are standard 127.8 x 85.5mm dimensions. All sizes...

  • Contact Plate

    Made of polystyrene These dishes are free from optical distortion and are sterile. The grid is 10 x 10 mm with numbered and lettered squares to facilitate counting and to locate colonies. The D210-17D model is designed with a convex bottom to save on culture medium.

  • ThermoGrid™ PCR Plates, 24 well pcr plate* without skirt, pkg. of 50

    Alphanumeric grid for better identification Flexible plate for better fitting of tubes in thermal block Can be cut to desired format Corner is cut away to facilitate orientation of plate Inside of tube is smooth and has an inert surface These 48-well PCR plates are thin-walled and designed for rapid...

  • Racked Tubes - 2.1ml, Mat of 96 caps, perforated for strips of 8, Qty: 10

    Standard 96 well format These tubes use all the space in the 8 x 12 format, facilitating multi-step dilutions and preps, without transferring samples from larger tubes. Compatible with multi-channel harvesters, pipettes, Biomek, and many rotors. Tubes are translucent polypropylene.

  • BioBlock™ Deep Well Plates

    BioBlock™ Deep Well Plates Made of polypropylene The 2.2 ml well capacity (2.1 ml when capped) plate is used mainly for compound storage and enzyme assays. Approved to be used with Qiagen equipment. It is available in natural and four different colors. DMSO resistant. Packed in a bag of 4...

  • Plate, 96 x 600µl Fixed Wells, 24/PK

    Plate, 96 x 600µL Fixed Wells, 24/PK

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