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  • Breathe-Easy & Breathe-Easier Membranes

    Gas permeable sealing membranes for microtubes Multiple uses Thermal and chemical stability Centrifuge compatible Gamma irradiated Breathable Breathe-Easy and Breathe-Easier microtube sealing membranes offer two rates of gas exchange to meet your requirements for cell growth as well as a range of...

  • Microplate Well Orienter Stickers

    Permanently label mutliple microplates with clear Well Orienter Stickers. Each well is clearly marked with its corresponding row number and column letter for easy cross-referencing. The paper backing is scored in the middle allowing for easy aligning on the underside of the plate.

  • Microplate Well Pads

    Diversified Biotech

    A note pad that corresponds to the layout of a 96-, 48- or 24-well plate. A fast and easy way to keep accurate records of samples in a microplate. The adhesive backing allows the researcher to affix individual sheets into a notebook. The pad contains (50) 5" x 7" sheets.

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