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  • Falcon® Transfer Pipets

    Highly durable, one-piece polyethylene design One squeeze draws 3 mL into this 6-inch transfer pipet Small tip ensures consistent reproduction of drop size Graduated at 1 mL and 2 mL marks

  • 1.1ml 96-Well Deep Well Plates

    96 well deep well plate with round wells. Working volume is 1.09 mL.

  • Falcon® Plates

    Versatility of plate colors to suit various detection methods Crystal-grade virgin polystyreneSterilized by gamma irradiation NonpyrogenicNon-treated polystyrene, standard tissue culture (TC), and Corning® Primaria™ surface treatments available Convenient, peel-open medical-style packaging...

  • Falcon® 96-well Polystyrene Microplates

    Bottoms are 60% thinner than conventional polystyrene microplates, resulting in lower background fluorescence and enabling readings down to 340 nm.      Opaque walls prevent well-to-well cross-talk.    Optically clear flat bottom permits direct microscopic viewing....

  • Solid Black And White Plates For Immunofluorescent Assays

    Raised well rims Comes with high binding, TC-treated or non-treated surface Built to proposed industry standard footprint These solid black and white, opaque polystyrene plates are tested on a lot-to-lot basis for capacity and low fluorescent/ luminescent background. Plates have minimal well-to-well...

  • Falcon® Cell Culture Inserts

    Track-etched PET membranes have a smooth surface and defined cylindrical pores that traverse the membrane     Low protein binding PET membrane      Sterilized by gamma irradiation      A wide variety of configurations including 6, 12, and 24 well...

  • Universal Fit Hinged Rack Pipettor Tips

    Fit all major brand pipettors Two sizes: 200 or 1000 µL Certified RNase-, DNase-free and non-pyrogenic Easy stacking racks Autoclavable Corning® Universal Fit Hinged Rack Pipet Tips are designed to assure a reliable fit with all major brand pipettors. Tips are available in two sizes: 200 µL and 1000...

  • Ultra-Micro tips for P-2 and P-10, Bulk, Qty: 1000

    10µL maximum volume For Pipetman®, Denville XL3000i, and other pipettes Also available siliconized, please see Siliconized Plasticware

  • Deckworks™ Reload System

    Corning® DeckWorks™ reload systems are available in 10 µL, 200 µL, 300 µL and 1000 µL sizes and allow for convenient and economical reloading of durable Corning DeckWorks™ hinged racks. DeckWorks™ reload decks are packaged in transparent trays for easy tip identification, require...

  • 2.0ml 96-well Deep Well Microplates

    96-well deep well microplate with round wells. Working volume is 1.64 mL.

  • 15mm Netwell™ Inserts

    These 15mm diameter Netwell inserts have polyester mesh bottoms attached to polystyrene inserts They are used as tissue carriers, supports and strainers for culture of small organs, tissue slices or explants at the air-media interface Handy carriers are available for immunocytochemical staining of...

  • 96 Well Half-Area Assay Plates

    Saves reagents Fits standard readers Polystyrene Unique half-area plates achieve assay miniaturization without using 384 well plates. Half-area plates can help save on rare and expensive reagents by reducing the amount of reagent needed per well, while still retaining the ability to be read in most...

  • Axygen® 48 Well Clear V-Bottom 5mL Polypropylene Rectangular Well Deep Well Plate, 5 per Pack, Nonsterile

    Axygen® deep well and assay plates are used for sample collection, in vitro growth chambers and long-term storage. Made of polypropylene, they offer excellent chemical resistance and will withstand temperatures down to -80°C. Features 5.0mL deep well plate with rectangular wells ANSI/SLAS...

  • Deckworks™ Low Binding Hinged Rack Barrier Tips

    Corning DeckWorks™ low binding barrier tips feature an inert, high-density polyethylene barrier to eliminate aerosol carryover contamination during critical pipetting procedures. DeckWorks™ low binding barrier tips will not trap liquids or inhibit PCR in the event of over pipetting.

  • 24 mm Transwell Inserts

    10 µm thick translucent polycarbonate membrane Treated for optimal cell attachment Membrane must be stained for cell visibility Sterilized by gamma radiation Transwell cell culture inserts are easy-to-use permeable support devices for the study of both anchorage-dependent and...

  • Flexible PVC 96 Well Plates

    Non-sterile Round, flat or V-bottom well shape General assay plates are ideal for solution-based assays (i.e. Hemagglutination Assays), serial dilutions and storage applications. Each well holds 250 or 260 µL (V-bottom).

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