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  • 0.5-10µL Microvolume Racked Pipet Tips

    Corning® polypropylene microvolume pipet tips provide accurate, reliable performance in the 0.5-10µL range and are designed for use with Eppendorf® and other popular ultra-micropipettors. Please check our Technical Information Listing on our Pipet Tip Compatibility Guide for additional...

  • Finntip Flex Filter Tips - Placeholder Image
  • Tips F / 10ml Pipette

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    For both fixed- and variable-volume models Precision injection molding care for air-tight fit Made from high grade, virgin polypropylene Free from trace metals for excellent accuracy and reproducibility

  • Transferpettor™ Positive Displacement Pipette - Placeholder Image

    Tips for 200-1000uL Transferpettor

  • Microloader™ Tips

    Extra long for precise filling of microcapillaries These unique tips are ideally suited to fill microcapillaries used for microinjection. The extremely long, fine and flexible tip provides also the ideal solution for all kind of applications in which additional reach is needed while pipetting...

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