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  • Thumbnail Image for Cone Style NIOSH N95 Respirators


    Precision crafted and form-fitted to the face, these quality disposable respirators provide effective protection against the inhalation of dangerous particulates. They are designed for extended wear, offering an optimal seal for a wide range of facial structures. Features & Benefits: Protect...

  • Thumbnail Image for 8511 Particulate Respirator N95

    3M Safety

    NIOSH 42 CFR 84 Rated 95% rated filter efficiency Much more lightweight and convenient than a cartridge style respirator Advanced electrostatically charged media microfibers make breathing easier Exhaust valve Restricted to areas free of oil aerosols. Includes dual adjustable elastic straps and...

  • Thumbnail Image for 1860 Particulate Respirator Mask N95

    3M Safety

    Prevent Exposure Of MTB And Other Airborn Particles Hypoallergenic to reduce chance of allergic reaction Meets CDC guidelines for TB exposure control NIOSH Approved The 1860 incorporates a 3M-patented, flat-fold/three-panel design that gives it a comfortable fit. The design fits most face sizes and...

  • Thumbnail Image for Gas and Vapor Respirator Cartridges

    North by Honeywell

    A wide variety of gas and vapor cartridges and combination gas and vapor cartridges with P100 Particulate Filters are available for use with North Safety respirators. Packs contain two pair while cases contain 12 or 18 pair.

  • Thumbnail Image for SAF-T-FIT Plus Disposable Respirators

    North by Honeywell

    Key Features Multiple size options for wide range and improved fit Molded cup design Offered in valved and non-valved Incorporates humidity-resistant filter media Low breathing resistance Lightweight design Durable suspension straps Optional boomerang nose seal or full face seal for secure and...

  • Thumbnail Image for 6000 Series Reusable Half Face Mask Respirators


    The 3M™ reusable half face respirator is an economical, low-maintenance, simple to handle and extremely lightweight. Head harness cradle suspension is designed for a comfortable fit Lightweight elastomeric material for comfort during long periods of work. Low profile design minimises...

  • Thumbnail Image for 7700 Series Silicone Half-Mask Respirator

    North by Honeywell

    The North 7700 half mask is the industry standard for comfort, fit and reliability. For over 25 years the North 7700 has proven itself, protecting workers in some of the harshest environments. Why settle for a copy, when you can have the original? The North 5500 is the economical choice for the...

  • Thumbnail Image for 8210 Particulate Respirators N95

    3M Safety

    Particulate Respirator 8210 This classic disposable N95 particulate respirator is designed to help provide comfortable, reliable worker respiratory protection against certain non-oil based particles. NIOSH approved for at least 95 percent filtration efficiency against certain non-oil based particles...

  • Thumbnail Image for 5000 Series Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Respirators

    3M Safety

    The 3M™ Half Facepiece Disposable Respirator Assembly, Organic Vapor/Acid Gases Respiratory Protection 5003 Series helps provide protection against certain airborne contaminants. This respirator is NIOSH approved for respiratory protection against certain organic vapors, chlorine, hydrogen...

  • Thumbnail Image for 8233 Particulate Respirator N100

    3M Safety

    NIOSH 42 CFR 84 Rated 99.97% rated filter efficiency Much more lightweight and convenient than a cartridge style respirator Advanced electrostatically charged media microfibers make breathing easier Exhaust valve Foam face seal Restricted to areas free of oil aerosols. Includes dual adjustable...

  • Thumbnail Image for 8271 P95 Particulate Respirator

    3M Safety

    Certified to have at least 95% filter efficiency against solid and liquid particles M-nose clip adjusts easily, with fewer pressure points, for greater comfort Reduces potential for eyewear fogging Custom fit and secure seal 8055M50 particulate respirator is certified to have at least 95% filter...

  • Thumbnail Image for 2200N95 Series Particulate Respirators


    Easy fit, more comfort The molded nose bridge with soft foam nose cushion provides the wearer an easy comfortable fit. There’s no metal noseband to adjust and the seal is maintained without pressure points. Last longer, use fewer The low pressure, smaller design of Mellows is perfect for...

  • Thumbnail Image for 6000 Series Full Face Mask Respirators

    3M Safety

    The 3M™ 6000 Series Full Face Masks are simple to handle and comfortable to the wearer. The new exhalation port provides increased durability and is easy to keep clean. Available in three sizes, all masks have the 3M™ Bayonet Connection System enabling connection to a broad range of twin...

  • Thumbnail Image for CFR-1 Comfort Fit Respirators

    North by Honeywell

    CFR-1 reusable particulate respirators give workers the comfort and protection they require. The CFR-1’s filter never touches their face, keeping it cool and dry so that one filter can provide all day protection. The facepiece is reusable while filters are replaceable. Optional R95 replacement...

  • Thumbnail Image for NIOSH Approved Respirators

    Safety Zone

    This Niosh N95 Rated Particulate Mask provides protection from exposure to dusts, metal fumes, microorganisms, and non-oil containing fumes. Mask has adjustable nose clip with a soft inner nose sealing area. Provides at least 95% filter efficiency.

  • Thumbnail Image for Isoamyl Acetate (IAA) / Banana Oil Fit Test Kit


    Sperian offers various Qualitative (QLFT) fit test kits for all your testing needs. Isoamyl Acetate (IAA) / Banana Oil Fit Test Kit (2-1 oz. Vials, up to 25 tests)

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