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  • Thumbnail Image for Aero Emergency Eye Wash Solution; Buffered pH Neutralizing, Stations and Bottles

    All-in-One Solution Provides Immediate First Aid for the Eyes Immediate response eye first aid for the laboratory, classroom, work site and public facilities. This multipurpose solution is effective in rinsing impurities and irritants from the eye, and in preventing damage from acids and corrosive...

  • Thumbnail Image for Faucet-Mounted Eye Washes

    Water Saver Faucet Co.

    Modell 8244N01 For most types of faucets. Aerated outlet heads are mounted 2.5” apart and angle forward. Aerated heads deliver a soft flow of water for gentle rinsing action. The angle of the heads is adjustable to permit ease of access and avoid splashing on the counter floor. Model 8244N02...

  • Thumbnail Image for Eyesaline Personal Eyewash Products

    Extended flow nozzles Sterile solution Tamper-resistant tops Personal eyewash products contain Eyesaline, a preserved, buffered, sterile saline solution. Products have no seals to remove, no leaking caps. These secondary personal eyewash devices are intended to supplement, not replace, primary...

  • Thumbnail Image for Fendall 2000 Emergency Eyewash

    With the Fendall 2000, injured workers are treated with 100% sterile, buffered and physiologically balanced saline solution free of contaminants, bacteria, corrosives and pollutants. Delivers 100% sterile saline from a100% sterile delivery system Built-in alarm system that sounds when the unit has...

  • Thumbnail Image for Lens Care Products And Accessories

    Cleaning products Anti-Fog coating spray Neck cords Uvex Clear® Portable Cleaning Station is a disposable unit that holds 16 oz of Uvex Clear cleaning spray and 1500 tissues. Uvex Clear® Towelettes are handy pocket size pre-moistened lens cleaning towelettes. Dispenser box holds 100...

  • Thumbnail Image for Eye Wash, Wall Mount With 2 Or 4 Wash Heads

    Wall Mount with two or four wash heads For permanent installation Water supply line and piping to sewer must be installed in accordance with local plumbing codes Eyewash heads with Delrin tops provide soft-stream flow of water activated by pushing on large handle Stay-open ball valve flow control...

  • Thumbnail Image for Drench Hose

    Water Saver Faucet Co.

    Deck or wall mounting “Hands free” operation Flip-top spray heads Choose between deck-mounted hose, with deck flange for countertop mounting or wall-mounted hose with spring clips to assure that sprayheads and handle face forward at all times. Squeeze valve activated by stainless steel...

  • Thumbnail Image for Eyewash Station Refills & Accessories

    For use with Porta Stream I, II and III Eyesaline Concentrate mixed with tap water makes Eyesaline Solution for use in eyewash station. Dust Cover keeps units clean and uncontaminated.

  • Thumbnail Image for Porta Stream II & III Eyewash Stations

    Self-contained Highly visible green color Meets ANSI Z358.1-2004 Porta Stream II & III are primary devices that deliver 15 minutes of uninterrupted, hands-free flushing and the benefit of portability - no costly plumbing required.  Its simplicity of installation and operation make these...

  • Thumbnail Image for Eyesaline Wall Stations

    Sterile solution Extended flow opening Immediate aid Secondary personal devices Durable Eyesaline wall stations provide immediate flushing until the injured person can be helped to a primary emergency eyewash device. Wall stations offer visibility in hazard areas and are readily available for...

  • Thumbnail Image for Portable Emergency Eyewash Station

    One-hand operation Gravity fed, no plumbing required Holds 15 gallons of water 15-minute flow time Measures: 25" x 19-1/2" x 11-1/2" Locking cap (lock not included) Mounting bracket, inspection tag and preservative included Change water every 90 days

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