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Due to current pandemic, lead times for PPE items are longer than what is listed on our website. Please expect shipping delays of all PPE products during this time.

  • KleenGuard™ V90 “The Shield" Safety Goggles with Face Shield (18629), Clear Anti-Fog Lens with Blue Frame, 6 Pairs / Package - Placeholder Image

    KleenGuard™ Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) enables rather than inhibits – allowing for maximum productivity and safety for you and your employees. When you have a job to tackle that involves flying particles or splashes, wearing safety glasses isn't enough. Protect yourself with...

  • Tomahawk® Safety Glasses

    The Tomahawk® is an affordable alternative for providing comfort, protection and style. The Tomahawk® features fully adjustable, five position, ratchet action temples. Other features include a stylish wrap-around design and one-piece polycarbonate lens with integral sideshields. The...

  • KleenGuard™ OTG Safety Glasses (20746), Fits Over Readers, Clear Anti-Fog Lenses, Black Frame, 12 Pairs

    KleenGuard™ OTG Safety Glasses (20746), Fits Over Readers, Clear Anti-Fog Lenses, Black Frame, 12 Pairs

  • KleenGuard™ V30 Nemesis Polarized Safety Glasses (28637), Polarized Brown Lenses, Brown Frame, 12 Pairs / Case

    KleenGuard™ V30 Nemesis Polarized Safety Glasses (28637), Polarized Brown Lenses, Brown Frame, 12 Pairs / Case

  • Flex Seal® Safety Goggles

    Honeywell Personal Protective Equipment

    All silicone body OTG styling Chemical splash and impact resistant The Flex Seal is the first industrial OTG (over-the-glass) goggle with an all silicone body. This lightweight body conforms to almost any facial profile and remains soft and supple even in extreme temperatures. Its low profile and...

  • Standard Goggles

    Crews Glasses

    Our goggles provide a wide, unobstructed field of vision and can be worn with most half-mask respirators. The transparent protective PVC body permits a comfortable fit over prescription eyewear while protecting against impact. Available in vented, perforated, and ventless styles. Goggle straps...

  • BearKat® Safety Glasses

    The BearKat's® super well thought-out construction combines the best in safety, comfort, and affordability! Your vision is unobstructed by the one-piece wraparound lens, which by its tight fit allows you maximum safety. Comfort is enhanced by the flexible temples and the non-slip temple...

  • G16 Chemical Splash Goggle, Indirect Vents, Clear

    G16 is a pair of goggles accessible to all which perfectly protects against splashes and droplets. Simple and economic, G16 indirect vents goggles fit to all and can be worn over glasses.    PVC WRAPAROUND FRAME INDIRECT VENTING ANTI-FOG COATING ADJUSTABLE STRAP FITS OVER PRESCRIPTION...

  • Uvex Stealth® OTG Goggles

    The highest levels of comfort, protection, performance and sleek styling now combine with an over-the-glass prescription eyewear option. These goggles offer modern design, technology and materials coupled with premier performance, comfort and adjustability features. Ideal for impact, dust and...

  • Smith & Wesson® Elite* Safety Eyewear

    Kimberly-Clark Professional

    Meets ANSI Z87.1+2010 standards with impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses Polycarbonate lenses provide 99.9% UVA/UVB/UVC protection to help prevent eye damage like cataracts, retinal damage, and other conditions that can cause temporary vision loss Designed to be lightweight for all-day protection...

  • Uvex Classic™ Safety Goggles

    Honeywell Personal Protective Equipment

    Four models Fits over most Rx spectacles Meets ANSI Z87+ and CSA Z94.3 standards Uvex Classic safety goggles are available in four models for dust, mist or chemical splash and indirect vented, closed vented, indirect hooded; and for dust and mist only and indirect hooded with facefoam. Goggles fit...

  • Virtua™ Protective Eyewear

    The Virtua protective eyewear line merges outstanding unisex style, protection and affordability, all while offering wearers an open, extended viewing range and three size options to fit a variety of facial profiles. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, Virtua protective eyewear is a valuable choice...

  • V-Maxx Goggle

    Honeywell Personal Protective Equipment

    180-degree field of vision Fog-Ban coating Meets ANSI and CSA standards V-MAXX Goggles feature sleek wraparound styling for a full 180-degree field of vision. Lenses are coated with Fog-Ban anti-fog coating. Peel-off goggle covers are available to extend the life of the lens. Direct or indirect...

  • Visitor Safety Glasses

    For increasing perceptibility of weakly fluorescing materials viewed in UV light Slightly tinted lenses, which filter out violet haze, darkening background in nonfluorescing areas Plastic used in lens; brow and side shields will not pass UV radiation below 400 nm Goggles meet NIOSH recommendations...

  • SmartBlue Plus Viewing Glasses and BioWand™ Personal UV Sterilizer

    SmartBlue Plus Viewing Glasses offer exceptional protection for researchers working with bright blue LED and UV light illuminators. The polycarbonate filter lenses are shatter proof, scratch resistant and block light in the UV (280nm) to blue (490nm) w

  • Safety Goggles, UV

    Analytik Jena

    For ultraviolet and glare protection One-piece replaceable amber-tinted plastic lens, which screens out ultra- violet radiation and excessive glare Transmission of ultraviolet at 254 nm and 365 nm is less than 10 -5 ; cuts off at about 410 nm Conforms with ANSI Z87.1 for safety eyewear and OSHA...

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