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  • Thumbnail Image for Circular Chart Recorder Accessories

    Chart papers in 24 hr, 7 day or 31 day lengths Replacement pens for recording temperature and/or humidity AC adapter

  • Thumbnail Image for 8" (203mm) Temperature & Humidity Chart Recorder

    The TH8P2 (equipped with field REPLACEABLE SENSOR) features a full 8" (203mm) temperature and humidity chart and a large digitial display. The digitial display for quick reference of current and min/max conditions. Digital Display 8" Chart (203mm) User selectable recording times and...

  • Thumbnail Image for Replacement Circular Charts

    Chart recorder replacement charts Charts are 6” or 4” in diameter

  • Thumbnail Image for TP425 Start & Stop, Digital Display Temperature & Humidity Logger

    A small temperature and humidity data logger with lots of cool features - Start/Stop functionality for the most precise data collection needs along with a digital display that provides current and min/max readings. Digital Display Start & Stop button 32KB data storage Battery powered

  • Thumbnail Image for Compact Circular Chart Recorders

    5 temperature ranges 24 hour/7 day switchable °F/°C switchable Easy to calibrate The SC3 offers users the accuracy and resolution required for regulatory compliance and quality control. This reusable recorder has a rugged case that is suitable for transportation and storage applications....

  • Thumbnail Image for Flatbed Recorders

    State of the art technology 1 or 2 channel Differential inputs User selectable left and right zero position Zero adjustment rotating knob Recorders feature differential inputs with constant impedance over all input ranges which allow for accurate measurements from almost any source. High...

  • Thumbnail Image for Three-Speed Hygrothermograph

    Maintain temperature and humidity records for buildings or controlled environment chambers. Use one-day rotation for detailed views of troubled areas, longer rotation times for routine records. A flashing LED indicates drum is rotating. Two size C batteries provide up to six months of continuous...

  • Thumbnail Image for Thomas Traceable Disposable Temperature Recorder

    Provides a permanent record of temperatures Temperature range is -20° to 100°F and -28° to 38°C Resolution is 2.8°C or 5°F Accuracy is ±1°C or ±2°F Device will record temperatures for 10 or 40 days, depending upon model. Strip recorder outut charts are...

  • Thumbnail Image for Mini-Drum Hygrothermograph

    So economical, you’ll want several for monitoring and recording environmental conditions This hygrothermograph is so compact it fits almost anywhere- measures just 6.125"L x 7.5"H x 4"D. Quartz-controlled drive is employed for accuracy; operates for six months on one AA battery....

  • Thumbnail Image for In-Transit Strip Chart Temperature Recorders, Standard Range

    These recorders generate a permanent paper chart print-out of the actual temperature conditions that occurred while goods were in-transit. Once the goods reach their destination, the recorder is removed and the chart is easily extracted from the unit. These strip charts are available in 5, 10, 20,...

  • Thumbnail Image for Desktop Indoor Air Quality CO2 Monitor/Datalogger

    Datalogs up to 5333 points (Carbon Dioxide, Air Temperature or Humidity) Checks for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentrations Maintenance free NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) CO2 sensor Indoor Air Quality displayed in ppm with Good (380 to 420ppm), Normal (<1000ppm), Poor...

  • Thumbnail Image for Desktop Indoor Air Quality CO2 Monitor

    Measures Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Air Temperature and Humidity Checks for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentrations Maintenance free NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) CO2 sensor Indoor Air Quality displayed in ppm with Good (0 to 800ppm), Normal (800 to 1200ppm), Poor (>1200ppm)...

  • Placeholder Image for Accessories for Oakton Hygrothermographs
  • Thumbnail Image for Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

    Compact rugged meter for non-destructive thickness measurements Wide measurement range: 5MHz probe: 0.040" to 20" of steel 10MHz probe: 0.020” to 20" of steel (optional) Sunlight readable dot-matrix display with backlight Multiple transducer options for high temperature and...

  • Thumbnail Image for Chart Paper

    Thermo Scientific
  • Thumbnail Image for Dickson


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