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  • Thumbnail Image for Digital-Display Polarimeter

    Two separate scales: Angle of Rotation +180° to 0° to -179.95° and The International Sugar Scale +130°Z to 0.0°Z to -130°Z Large 3-digit LED display Push-button rotation switches adjust the left and right visual fields to an equal brightness, which makes it quick and easy to...

  • Thumbnail Image for Polarimeter Tubes

    Inversion Polarimeter Tubes Glass, approximately 9 mm i.d., with threaded, metal ferrule litharge-sealed to tube at each end Metal, cover-glass retaining caps, threaded to attach to ferrule Cap diameters closely controlled to ensure concentricity of tube with optical path in polarimeter Length of...

  • Thumbnail Image for Automatic Polarimeter AP-300

    The AP-300 fully automatic polarimeter measures a sample easily by setting the observation tube ( filled with a liquid sample ) in the sample chamber and pressing START. Digitally displayed measurement values are large and easy to read. The AP-300 generally used in pharmaceutical, perfume, cosmetic,...

  • Thumbnail Image for Model D7 Polarimeter

    Bellingham & Stanley

    Enclosed dual scale Micrometer drum LED light source Intensity control 90-230V~, 50/60Hz Lightweight Small footprint For over 40-years, the Model D polarimeter and sodium lamp outfit has been the primary choice of leading industrial and academic institutions throughout the world, offering practical...

  • Thumbnail Image for ADP 410 Automatic Digital Polarimeter

    Since 1996, the ADP range of polarimeters has become one of the world's most popular general-purpose automatic polarimeters. Building on the experience gained over the past decade of polarimeter design, Bellingham + Stanley continue the tradition by introducing the ADP410, incorporating up to...

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