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  • Thumbnail Image for Traceable® Jumbo Humidity/Temperature Meter


    Measures in °C or °F External temperature sensor works underwater NIST Traceable® certificate included Jumbo 1 1/8” display Self-contained, stable and accurate unit requires no adjustments or maintenance. The minimum and maximum memories may be shown or cleared at any time with the touch of a...

  • Thumbnail Image for Thomas Traceable Hygrometer/Thermometer


    Relative humidity range is 25 to 95% Resolution is 1% RH Accuracy is ±3% RH mid-range to ±5% elsewhere Temperature range is 0-50°C / 32-122°F Resolution is 1° Accuracy is ±1°C Meter may be used with bench stand and can also be wall mounted. Unit measures 3...

  • Thumbnail Image for Thomas Traceable® Dew Point/Wet Bulb/Humidity/Thermometer


    Relative humidity range is 1 to 99% Resolution is 0.1% RH Accuracy is ±4% RH between 20 to 80% RH Humidity features include dew point/wet bulb functions, minimum/maximum memory and high/low alarms Temperature range is -40 to 158°F and -40 to 70°C Resolution is 0.1° Accuracy is...

  • Thumbnail Image for Traceable® Humidity / Temperature / Dew Point Meters


    Traceable unit displays humidity to 0.01%—use for QC, ISO 9000, and R/D Traceable® Digital Hygrometer/Thermometer/Dew Point instrument, by using a special breed of artificial intelligence, provides a response time of under 10 seconds with a resolution of 0.01%RH, 0.01°F/°C, and...

  • Thumbnail Image for Thomas Traceable® Radio Signal Remote Humidity Meter/Thermometer


    Temperature and RH alarm Relative humidity range is 25 to 90% Resolution is 1% RH Accuracy is ±2% RH mid-range and ±4% elsewhere Temperature range is -4 to 140°F and -20 to 60°C Resolution is 0.1° Accuracy is ±1°C Radio signal transmits on a frequency of 433 MHz....

  • Thumbnail Image for Thomas Traceable® Digital Humidity/Temperature Meter


    Relative humidity range is 25 to 95% Resolution is 1% RH Accuracy is ±2% RH mid-range to ±4% elsewhere Temperature range is 32 to 122°F and 0 to 50°C Resolution is 1° Accuracy is ±1°C Use unit with bench stand or mount on wall. Meter offers minimum/maximum...

  • Thumbnail Image for Dial Hygrometer/ Thermometer

    Sper Scientific

    20 ~ 100% RH scale on 4" dial. Uses a precise synthetic hair hygrometer with an accuracy of ±5%. Inner dial shows temperature using a bimetal thermometer, with an accuracy of ±2°F. N.I.S.T. traceable certificate of compliance available: 736920C

  • Thumbnail Image for Thomas Traceable® Memory Hygrometer/Thermometer


    Simultaneously displays humidity and temperature Relative humidity range is 10.0 to 95% Resolution is 0.1% RH Accuracy is ±2% mid-range and ±4% elsewhere Temperature range is 0 to 199.9°F and -18 to 93°C Resolution is 0.1° Accuracy is ±1°C between 0 to 40°C,...

  • Thumbnail Image for Traceable® Digital Humidity Temperature/Dew Point Meter


    Convenient triple memories recall minimum/maximum readouts for relative humidity, dew point, and temperature. Simultaneously displays all three current readings. Always-on feature allows for monitoring conditions all night, over weekends, and for extended time periods. Audible and visual LED alarm...

  • Thumbnail Image for Humidity/Temperature Pen


    Dual LCD for simultaneous display of Relative Humidity and Temperature Temperature is °C/°F switchable Built-in Humidity and Temperature sensors for convenient operation Pocket size for quick and reliable measurements at any location Max/Min memory functions for display of highest and lowest...

  • Thumbnail Image for Humidity/Temperature Monitor

    Sper Scientific

    Large 3 3/16” x 2 1/2” dual display Recall min/max temperature and humidity readings Stand or wall mount Monitor can be used in labs, chemical storage areas, clean rooms, stock rooms, factories or outdoors. Unit can be used to monitor desiccators, incubators, refrigerators and fume...

  • Thumbnail Image for PosiTector® DPM Environmental Monitoring Gages


    PosiTector® DPM Standard and Advanced Environmental Monitoring Gages The PosiTector DPM1 includes a Standard(1) gage body, the DPM3 includes an Advanced(3) gage body and a built-in removable DPM probe for measuring and recording climatic conditions including: relative humidity, air temperature,...

  • Thumbnail Image for Hygrometer Masons

    Sper Scientific

    One thermometer bulb is kept constantly wet by a siphon reservoir while the other gives a dry temperature reading. Humidity is obtained by comparing the two readings on the enclosed chart. Uses a safe and easy to read red liquid in place of the usual mercury. Dual scales of -10/50°C and 10/120°F....

  • Thumbnail Image for Wall Mount Thermohygrometer with Digital Thermometer


    Monitor both the humidity and temperature of your office, laboratory, greenhouse, food storage or computer room. This thermohygrometer remains accurate and stable without maintenance or adjustments. Analog humidity display; 1/2"H LCD temperature display with F or C readout. Supplied with one AA...

  • Thumbnail Image for Traceable® Remote Alarm Rh/Temperature Monitor


    Features include minimum/maximum memory and RH and temperature alarm. Unit measures 4 1/4” x 2 3/4” x 3/4” and weighs 4 ounces. Monitors are provided with an individually serial numbered Traceable® certificate from an ISO 17025 calibration laboratory accredited by A2LA....

  • Thumbnail Image for Pocket-Size Sling Psychrometer

    Taylor Precision

    High-impact, plastic case serves as a pivoted handle in use Wet and dry bulb thermometers, range 20 to 120°F in 1° divisions Swivel-mount assures that the whirling thermometers always face air flow. Slide-rule humidity calculator is silk-screened on case. Slide rule range is 30° to...

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