Traceable® Digital Barometer

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Digital Barometer is the perfect unit for plants, labs, and all other environments where there is a need to monitor conditions of environmental air parameters. A four-line LCD continuously and simultaneously shows barometric pressure, temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure trend and time-of-day. Minimum\Maximum readings for barometric pressure, temperature and relative humidity are stored every hour for the last 24 hours and are available for recall at the touch of a button.

Measuring Ranges
Barometric pressure range from 500 to 1030 millibars (mbar) with a resolution of 1 mbar. Accuracy is ±4 mbar. Barometric pressure trend shows in bar-chart format the current and past 1-, 3-, 6-, 12-, and 24-hour readings. Switching permits viewing in millibars (mbar), inches of mercury (inHg), or hectopascals (hPa). Altitude compensation is –100 to 2500 meters.

Temperature range is 32 to 131ºF and 0 to 55ºC. Resolution is 0.1° and accuracy is ±0.4°C. Relative humidity range is 0 to 95%. Resolution is 1% RH and accuracy is ±3% RH between 5 to 75%, otherwise ±5% RH.

Computer output allows unit to be connected to a computer using the accessory Computer Data Acquisition System to permanently capture readings.

Traceable to NIST for accuracy
An individually-numbered Traceable® Certificate is provided which assures accuracy from our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 calibration laboratory accredited by A2LA. It indicates traceability to standards provided by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). Supplied: Traceable® Certificate, wall mount, flip open stand and batteries. Size: 4 x 3 x 1 inches. Weight: 7 ounces.

Please note: The aforementioned A2LA accreditation belongs to the manufacturer, not Thomas Scientific.

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Traceable® Digital Barometer

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