Excursion -Trac Datalogging Tracable Baromter

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Traceable® Excursion-Trac™ Datalogging Barometer

The perfect unit for plants, labs, and all other environments where there is a need to monitor conditions of environmental air parameters

  • Rolling memory structure, maintains most recent 525,600 observations
  • Smart-Alarm™ features a visual/audible alarm that continues to alarm even if the unit returns to non-alarm conditions
  • Stores up to 30 unique alarm events
  • Memory can be cleared on unit after downloading data to USB stick
  • Altitude Compensation from -100 to 2500 meters
  • Hassle-free retrieval of data - unit can remain in use while downloading and analyzing data
  • Status indicators - Low battery, memory full, USB data transfer and active alarm state

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Excursion -Trac Datalogging Tracable Baromter

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