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  • Nitrogen Purge Cabinets

    Nitrogen Purge Cabinet, Small (1212X60) Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 10.875x8.25x9.125in Regular nitrogen purge cabinets acrylic 10"x7"x8 1/2". Simple, easy to use at temperatures up to 120°F for use in  freezers, refrigerators, or at room temperature. Cabinets have...

  • Economy Indicating Refillable Moisture Traps

    Agilent Indicating Moisture Traps are designed to remove water, oil, and organics from gases employed in, but not limited to, gas chromatography. Refillable moisture traps are constructed from Lexan brand polycarbonate tubing. Lightweight, chemically resistant and of superior strength when compared...

  • Sleeves, Polytetrafluoroethylene

    Standard taper size reusable Teflon joint sleeves. Unique manufacturing process permits superior quality Teflon ® joint sleeves at unbelievably low prices. Price permits disposability! Elongated cones of micro-thin virgin PTFE film tapered to fit snugly around glass joints....

  • Pure Chromatography Systems

    Fitting to your needs and environment The Pure chromatography instruments are extremly compact, ensure safety on the highest level and are easy to use for any flash or prep HPLC application. The platform has been designed to protect you and your sample and to get more purification in a very...

  • Funnels, Buchner Polypropylene

    Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 3.75x2x0in Buchner funnels. Molded of polypropylene; these funnels are unbreakable and resistant to corrosion and heat, and easily separated for cleaning. Can be used without risk with Erlenmeyer flasks. Optional disks for funnels sold separately. Molded of...

  • Agilent Technologies GC Inlet Liners

    Deactivated Liners for Agilent 5890, 6850,  6890, 7890,  and HP4890

  • Delivery Tubes

    Delivery Tube, 90 Degree Polypropylene (1211A62) Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 2.06x0.271x6.5in Pre-bent rigid Polypropylene delivery tube in 90 degree  (A) configuration. Unbreakable in normal use; ideal substitute for fragile glass alternative. Suitable  for many types of gas...

  • Desiccators

    Desiccator, Small W/ Lock (1212X54) Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 10.875x7.5x9in Regular locking desiccator acrylic cabinet. For dry, dust-free storage at temperatures up to 120°F for use in incubators, freezers, refrigerators, or at room temperature. Cabinets have air-tight doors that need...

  • Oxygen/Moisture Traps

    Agilent Technologies

    Oxygen/moisture adsorbents team up to give you two functionalities in the same trap Optimized for maximum surface area and capacity Leak-free, one-piece design (tested to 2000 psi) Bed material treated with ultra-high purity helium Filter design: prevents channeling, promotes efficient scrubbing For...

  • Levo Pipette Controllers

    Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 0x2.102x8in Comfortable - simple to use Precise pipetting - use with glass or plastic volumetric  and graduated pipettes from 0.1 to 100mL Blow out feature Uses protective/replaceable syringe filter Easy to take apart and clean when needed 4 colors available...

  • Dip Baskets, Round High-Density Polyethylene

    Round dipping baskets. High-density polyethylene fabricated dipping baskets are made with 1/8" thick walls, 3/16” diameter perforations on 5/16" centers. Made from high density polyethylene. Takes 140°F on a continuous basis or more for shorter periods (up to 160°F). Supplied...

  • Liner O-Rings

    Agilent Technologies

    Agilent fluorocarbon liner O-rings Liners are sealed in the inlet with O-rings or graphite seals Graphite seals are used when inlet temperatures exceed 350°C Fluorocarbon O-ring seals are easier to replace than graphite that deforms and flakes apart Pre-cleaned, then conditioned to eliminate...

  • Dipping Baskets, Round Polypropylene

    Round dipping baskets. Polypropylene. Supplied with sturdy swinging handle-a unique feature allowing easy storage and loading. All have perforated bottoms.  Polypropylene fabricated dipping baskets withstands 180°F on a continuous basis or up to 200°F for shorter periods. Excellent...

  • Cutting Boards, High-Density Polyethylene

    Cutting boards. High-density Polyethylene. White, easy-to-clean surface. Provides excellent surface for examining specimens, cutting, dissecting, etc. NSF, FDA and USDA approved material.

  • Gas Cylinder Regulators

    Agilent Technologies

    Brass body, dual stainless steel diaphragms These regulators and Agilent’s broad spectrum of in-line filters, combination traps, and gas purification systems are an excellent combination to plumb your systems.

  • 10-250kDa Wide Range Prestained Protein Ladders

    Bio Basic prestained protein ladder is designed for estimating the approximate size of separated proteins on SDS-PAGE gel. The ladders are a mixture of recombinant proteins ranging from 10 kD to 250 kD. Red or green bands at 70 kD and 25 kD provide easy references for molecular weight...

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