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  • Thumbnail Image for Stomacher® 400 Circulator Lab Blender

    The world’s leading laboratory paddle blender for food microbiologists Enhanced organism recovery over square paddles Durable & reliable, designed for consistent use The gold standard in laboratory blenders No cross contamination between samples Simple to clean and requires minimal...

  • Thumbnail Image for 1-Liter Laboratory Blenders

    With Timer Capacity: 1 Liter/1.2 Liter Switch Settings: Two Speed, 60 Second Mechanical Timer Base: Epoxy Coated Motor Housing Container: Stainless steel with handle and two piece vinyl and styrene lid. Heat resistant glass with handle and two piece vinyl and styrene lid. Overall Height: 15...

  • Thumbnail Image for BagMixer® 400 P & 400 CC Lab Blenders

    The BagMixer® lab blender guarantees optimal extraction by the action of its two paddles. Adapted to any sample (food, agricultural, chemical, medical, environmental) to be analyzed between 50 ml and 400 mL, it guarantees homogenization in 30 to 60 seconds. High-Quality Optimal analysis with the...

  • Thumbnail Image for Stomacher® 80 Biomaster

    Small tissue processing solutions for clinical and life science microbiology Adjustable process times & paddle speeds Proven enhancement in cell recovery & viability No risk of cross contamination Process samples from 250μl - 80ml Cost effective sample preparation The Stomacher® 80...

  • Thumbnail Image for Blending Containers

    0379V93: Glass Container w/1-Piece Bakelite Cover. 1-Liter container with working maximum of 500 ml and minimum of 75 ml. This heat resistant glass container measures 8”H x 4-2/4” dia at top. Contains a standard blending assembly (8670). Fits Waring power units 0379V94: Glass Container...

  • Thumbnail Image for 12-Speed Blender Accessories And Replacement Parts

    3406C30 plastic mini blend jars hold 1 pint and include screw caps 3406C45 blade unit includes a synthetic rubber gasket, Thomas number 3406C52

  • Thumbnail Image for 4-Liter Laboratory Blender

    Easy-to-clean electronic membrane panel Two handles for safer, easier lifting, pouring and carrying Removable dishwasher-safe jar pad The LBC15 four-liter laboratory blender features a sealed, precision ball bearing system for a long service life. 3.75 HP motor offers 3 speeds plus pulse. High speed...

  • Thumbnail Image for BagMixer® 400 S & 400 SW Lab Blenders

    BagMixer® 400 S and SW are the next generation of lab blenders: silent, easy-to-use and robust. With great new features, it is adapted to all kinds of applications and with a guarantee of optimal bacterial extraction, it is a great tool for lab analyses avoiding all risks of cross-contamination....

  • Thumbnail Image for Waring® Lab Blenders
  • Thumbnail Image for BagOpen® Bag Openers


    Open easily the sample bag without any contact with the sample or use it as a bag holder to keep any bag open. BagOpen is not autoclavable.

  • Thumbnail Image for Two-Speed Laboratory Blender With Timer

    Powerful, 2-speed stainless steel blender has pitcher type handle and plastic lid with clear central access cap Low speed 15,600 rpm - high speed 20,000 rpm Working capacity 180 -1,900 mL Motor is series-wound, fan-cooled, with permanently lubricated bearings Overall dimensions 6 1/2” x...

  • Thumbnail Image for Stomacher® 3500 Series

    The Stomacher® 3500 Series is a versatile range of tools for large volume blending and extraction, where all the washing solution or solvent needs to be retained for analysis. 400-3500ml volume samples Trichinella testing Cryptosporidium and Giardia testing Bioburden testing of garments and...

  • Thumbnail Image for MiniMix® 100mL Lab Blenders

    100mL Lab Blender, Useful Volume: 5-80mL Quick Homogenizing of Small Samples Only 60 seconds to homogenize a sample BSE tests for food microbiology Biopsy, organ tissue analyses for veterinary analyses HPLC, GCMS analyses for toxin research Easy Cleaning Exclusive Click & Clean® removable...

  • Thumbnail Image for Waring® Lab Blenders

    Eberbach offers a variety Waring Blenders and Eberbach custom blending containers to suit your needs, including borosilicate glass containers and semi micro stainless steel containers . Our containers are built to endure the toughest environments.

  • Thumbnail Image for Waring® Power Unit Lab Blenders
  • Thumbnail Image for BagRack® Storage Racks for Bags

    The BagRack® bag holder allows for clean and methodical storage of bags (closed for example by BagClip®). BagRack® is made of stainless steel and is stackable and autoclavable.

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