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  • Thumbnail Image for Anesthesia Chambers

    For metabolic studies, protection from cross-contamination and hibernation studies Stainless steel hardware Removable false floor Closed cellular gasketing Level 1 Chambers (1111H33, H35) A basic design for budget-conscious laboratories. Can be used as a free flow or closed system. Clear acrylic...

  • Thumbnail Image for Anesthesia Masks

    Harvard Apparatus

    For small animals such as rats, guinea pigs, birds and mice Simple, yet effective design Ideal for brain circuits, non-breathing systems or "Y" pieces These masks were designed especially for smaller animals. The masks have a simple cylindrical shape with a diaphragm. A small slit is cut in the...

  • Placeholder Image for Vented Induction Chamber

    This 2L (0.5gal.) vented induction chamber eliminates exposure to waste anesthesia gases that are most common with traditional induction chambers. A constant vacuum is applied above the chamber to capture excess gas as it leaves the induction area. Whe

  • Placeholder Image for Supplies for Oxygen-Supported Recovery, Short-Term, Anesthesia, and Euthanasia, VetQuip®

    Complete 3-stage systems feature individual flowmeters to provide measured percentages of CO2 and O2. The systems can be used for O2-supported recovery, short-term anesthesia, or humane euthanasia. Induction lids for mouse and rat cages can be used for

  • Placeholder Image for Vaporizers, VetEquip®

    Precision vaporizers deliver specific anesthetic agents by percentage concentration. They feature automatic flowrate and temperature compensation, easy-to-read dial and sight glass for at-a-glance liquid level monitoring, and integrated safety lock to

  • Thumbnail Image for Burco™ Drosophila Fly Anesthetizer

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Ideal for Student Demonstrations Fast acting, durable polyethylene anesthetizer is resistant to ether fumes. Fits on the cap seat of a standard 1/2 pint milk bottle May be modified to fit other fly containers Detailed instructions included

  • Placeholder Image for Silicone tubing 1/4"

    Silicone tubing 1/4"

  • Placeholder Image for Tabletop Laboratory Animal Anesthesia System, VetEquip®

    Compact, portable tabletop system can safely anesthetize animals up to 13.6kg (30lbs.). The small footprint makes it ideal for areas with limited floor and counter space. The single dial setting delivers a consistent and safe anesthetic level. The brea

  • Placeholder Image for Replacement Y-Piece Adapter for Complete Dual Procedure Circuit

    The Bain non-rebreathing circuits are tube-within-a-tube circuits with the 2mm (1/16”) fresh gas tube inside the 6mm (1/4”) waste gas tube. The rodent non-rebreathing circuits are smaller than standard Bain circuits with a flared end that acts as an an

  • Placeholder Image for Latex conductive tubing 1/4"

    Latex conductive tubing 1/4"

  • Placeholder Image for Accessories for Breathing Circuits and Accessories

    Accessories for Breathing Circuits and Accessories

  • Placeholder Image for Evacuation Tubing, Clear, 22mm

    Evacuation Tubing, Clear, 22mm each = 1 ft.

  • Placeholder Image for E-Cylinder Gasket

    Accessory for Vetequip Mobile Laboratory Animal Anesthesia Systems.

  • Thumbnail Image for Small Animal Anesthesia System

    Several components are combined in the UVP anesthesia system in order to regulate and administer a combination of oxygen and isoflurane/sevoflurane gas to the animal. The initial anesthesia is performed in the induction chamber. The animal is then moved to the warming plate inside a UVP iBox...

  • Placeholder Image for Filter Charcoal VaporGuard

    The activated charcoal adsorption filter adsorbs passively and has been proven effective in eliminating waste anesthetic gas pollution.

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