Spinbar® Garage

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A variety of magnetic stirring bars from 159mm (6") to tiny 10mm (0.5") bars are simply supported on the Garage. Wires on the upper half of the rack are arranged close together, and are designed to capture smaller magnetic stir bars; larger bars are conveniently captured on more widely spaced wires in the lower half of the rack.. A wire ledge at the base of the rack conveniently stores small lab tools and keeps stirring bars from accidentally falling off. Conveniently store a Spinbar® Restrainer (catalog No. F37786-1000) in the Stirring Bar Garage to retrieve stirring bars after use.
Maintain organization and accessibility of magnetic stirring bars
• Small footprint storage unit; can also be wall-mounted
• Conveniently keep and dry your stirring bars close at hand
• Epoxy-coated wire construction for simple cleaning and excellent chemical resistance
Dimensions: 25.6 x 10 x 31cm high (10.3 x 4 x 12.3")

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Spinbar® Garage

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